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( 2018/ 9/25 更新 )

Type Label Artist Title
10inch Red Arrow (SPV-055-55201) Barrington Levy & Beenie Man Two Sounds
12inch 14 Karat (14-K-004) Sheree Booth / Mikey Jarrett / Patrick Andy Dedicated To The One I Love / Admire Me / Lord-A-Who
12inch 550 Music (46 77970) Patra Pull Up To Bumper
12inch 9 Lives (NLD-001) Top Cat Over U Body / Rude Boy Mix
12inch African Love Music (ALM-001) Shinehead Mama Used To Say / Billy Jean
12inch African Love Music (ALM-002) Shinehead Good Love Tonight
12inch African Love Music (ALM-003) Shinehead Hello Y'all
12inch Anchor (G-8918) Krystal & Shabba Ranks Twice My Age
12inch Anchor (G-8919) Deborahe & Shabba Ranks Mr. Lover Man
12inch Anchor (G-8931) Krystal & Shabba Ranks Steady Man
12inch Anchor (G-8934) Krystal All Around The World
12inch Anchor (G-8941) Shabba Ranks & Lady G Fanciness
12inch Anchor (G-8946) Fabiana / Shabba Ranks Fancy Girl / Deh Pon Me Mind
12inch Anchor (GUSSIE-8909) Lady G Man Dem A Get Tight / Licence Your Hand
12inch Anchor (Gussie-8912) J.C. Lodge & Tiger Love Me Baby
12inch Anchor (GUSSIE-8921) Carl Meeks / Admiral Tibett Rude Girl Sandra / Give Us The Opportunity
12inch Ariwa (ARI-144) Macka B Food / Upper Class
12inch Ashanties (AL-008) Tony Tuff Mix Me Down / Wey-Dem-A-Go-Do
12inch Ashanties (AL-011) Michael Prophet / Tony Tuff So Many Days / Long Time
12inch Bada Than Them (BTT-001) Simpleton / Cronicle / Top Cat Warning / Woman Of Samaritan / No Coke Pipe
12inch Bam Bam (EB-002) Eccleton Jarett (Eccleton Jarrett) Greedy Girl / Fling It Up
12inch Bam Bam (S-001) Frankie Paul / Bobby Harrison Rock Tonight / Lonely Stranger
12inch Bare Back (PC-1002) Robert French Peace Officer
12inch Barry U / Living Room (BU-023) George Nooks General
12inch Bebo (BB-78) Carlton Livingston / Yellowman Lonely Man / Ribit
12inch Bebo (BB-90) Sammy Dread Walk Away From Me / Come A Long Way
12inch Bebo's Music (77) Horace Andy / Super Fred Tell Me Why / Them Send For Me
12inch Bee Cat (BCR-26) Derrick Parker Don't You Try
12inch Bee Cat (BCR-31) Derrick Parker First Time
12inch Bee Cat (BKA-005) Trevor Flowers & Iheka-Chama Should I / Choice Of Color
12inch Big Life (12Bril-8) Junior Reid Listen To The Voices
12inch Big Ship (VPRD-820) Freddie McGregor Let Him Try
12inch Black Culture (BCB-9867) Devon Linton Touch Mi Ya
12inch Black Market International (BMIT-019) C.J. Lewis Everything's Alright / Human Nature
12inch Black Roots (BR-001) Sugar Minott & Tony Tuff Style & Fashion
12inch Black Scorpio (BSCDIS-005) King Kong / Phillip Frazer Niceness / What Loce Can Do
12inch Black Scorpio (DR-9008) General Tree So So / Nana ~ Moonus
12inch Black Scorpio (DSR-11873) Bunny Rugs / Spanner Banner War War / Love Takes Time
12inch Black Scorpio (DSR-11877) Capleton & Bobby Zarro Dem Gun
12inch Black Scorpio (DSR-4096/4097) Dennis Brown Friends For Life
12inch Black Scorpio (DSR-5576/5577) General Trees Mini Bus / Leggo Me Queen
12inch Black Scorpio (VPRD-278) Yellowman Don't Bun It Down
12inch Black Scorpio (VPRD-348) Johnny Osbourne The Rain
12inch Black Solidarity (B.S.I.-11) Little John / King Kong The Juggling / Have Some Approach
12inch Black Solidarity (DSR-11876) Papa San Mix Up
12inch Black Starline (002) Freddie McGregor Oh Marcus
12inch Black & White (DSR-4490) Sugar Minott All Kind Of People
12inch Blacker Dread (BDXT-9308) Beres Hammons / Nadine Sweetness Show It Off / It's Alright
12inch Blacker Dread (SCOM-BD-005) Frankie Paul / Peter Chemist Fire De A Mus Mus Tail / Jumping Stylee (Theme From S.C.O.M.)
12inch -Blank- (DSR-8368) Half Pint & Junior Delgado I Want Your Love
12inch Blue Mountain (BM-012) Barrington Levy Young, Free & Single
12inch Blue Mountain (BMD-040) Ninja Man & Robert French / Johnny Lee Stumbling Block / Sixteen
12inch Blue Mountain (BMD-055) Clement Irie & Robert French Bun & Cheese
12inch Blue Mountain (BMD-057) Cocoa Tea / Shabba Ranks Tell Me When / Best Bust
12inch Blue Mountain (BMD-112) Sanchez I Can't Wait
12inch Blue Mountain (BMD-122) Sanchez / Ken Boothe Who Cares / Feeling Soul
12inch Blue Trac (BMD-026) Dennis Brown & Fabiana Loving Feeling
12inch Blue Trac (BMD-035) Joseph Hill & Cluture Crock In New York / I'm Worried
12inch Blue Trac (BTR-002) Frankie Paul / Frankie Jones Chatte Chatte / She Is The Girl
12inch Blue Trac (BTRD-030) Trevor Sparks Roses Are Red
12inch Blue Trac (BTRD-031) Frankie Paul & Trevor Sparks Sleepless Weekend
12inch Blue Trac (BTRD-045) Gregory Isaacs Falling In Love
12inch Bowl (BL-001) Nitty Gritty Lick Him Kill Him
12inch Bravel (BR-3467) Lester Gale Wild Wild West
12inch BTR (005) Mo Ja / Phillip Frazer Foreign Mine / Running Around
12inch BTR (007) Sugar Minott Up On The Level
12inch BTR (018) Triston Palma / Michael Robinson Trash & Ready / Look In My Eyes
12inch Buffalo (BMP-003) White Mice Maniac
12inch C&E (CED-119) June Fox / Pioneers Frankie / Come Down
12inch Cadi (CD-001) Frankie Paul Little Walter
12inch Carron (BW-001) Louie Rankin Proud A We / Boy George
12inch Carron (BW-002) Sugar Minott / Frankie Paul Sharing The Vibes / To Be
12inch Carron (BW-12) Horace Andy & Major Scorpion Handle Me Rough
12inch Carron (BW-213) Tiger & Doctor C / Culture Tonic Ebony Ivory / Slackness Deadout
12inch Carron (BW-940) The Stewart Bros. / Toyan Dancing Time / London Posse
12inch CBS (TA-4241) Yellowman Strong Me Strong
12inch Chaos (XSS-74787) Wailing Souls / Wailing Souls & Red Fox If I Were You / Shark Attack
12inch Charm (CRT-1) Dennis Brown & Leroy Smart All For One
12inch Charm (CRT-3526) Beenie Man ft. Tony Curtis & ARP / LUST Missing You / Sweetness Of Your Love
12inch Charm (CRT-8) Dennis Brown Stop Fighting (So Early In The Morning)
12inch Checkmate (CR-010) O'niel Clarke / Billy Boyo Knifecut / Yuh Nuh Know Wuh Yuh A Miss
12inch Chief Of Staff Inc. (CS-001) Patrick Andy / Bammy Man Your Love / Love Me Have Fe Get
12inch Claypot (CP-001) Luie Lepkie Mind Your Business / Dance Down A Ochie
12inch Claypot (CP-002) Nicodemus Wake Up Little Suzie
12inch Claypot (CP-005) General Gully ~ Nicodemus Honey Honey
12inch Claypot (CP-006) Little Thunder Gun Man / Pass The Chalice
12inch Claypot (CP-009) Luie Rankin Dance A Fe Ram / Up & Down
12inch Columbia (44 77374) Jamal-Ski Jump, Spread Out
12inch Columbia (44 77602) Ini Kamoze Here Comes The Hotstepper
12inch Columbia (44 77648) Super Cat Scalp Dem / South Central
12inch Columbia (661255-6) Super Cat My Girl Josephine
12inch Columbia (ACD-74449) Super Cat Dem No Worry We
12inch Columbia (C2S-7265) Super Cat The Struggle Continues - plus : Bonus Maxi-Remix Album
12inch Concorde (CRD-03) Nitty Gritty Ready Dun
12inch Conqueror (CON-004) The Honorable False Hair
12inch Corner Stone (VPRD-246) Tony Tuff Got To Be Careful
12inch Darace Music (DML-5845) 7th Extension ~ Ranking Devon Hard Times ~ All Nation Have To Bow
12inch Delicious Vinyl (7567-95935-0/A8305T) Born Jamericans Boom Shack A-Tack
12inch Dennis Star Plyers Sweet Sherene
12inch Digital English (DE-005) Trevor Sparks / Night Rider If You Need Me Girl / Fun Time Deh Yah
12inch Digital-B (DBT-X31) Cocoa Tea & Shabba Ranks / Shabba Ranks Love Me Truly / Woman Me Run Down
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-407) Thriller U Baby I Love You
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-408) Hopeton Lindo Gang War
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-467) Johnny Osbourne Little Sound Boy
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-5164) Terror Fabulous Can't Do Without You / Rude Boy
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-567) Shabba Ranks / Ricky Stereo Roots & Culture / Write Mi Will
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-578) Wayne Wonder Eternal Flame
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-885) General T.K. / Anthony Malvo Bad Business / Can't You Stop The Rain
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-948) Beres Hammond Double Trouble
12inch Don One (DO-17) Sugar Minott Ting A Ling
12inch Don Sebastian (DSR-003) Jim Irie / Fire Fox Wild African / Hypocrite
12inch Dragon (VPRD-558) Red Dragon / George Harris Ku-Klung-Klung / All Out Of Love
12inch Dragon (VPRD-558) Red Dragon / George Harris Ku-Klung-Klung / All Out Of Love
12inch Dub Irator (JW-004) Barrington Levy Moonlight Lover
12inch Dub-Tone-Muzik (DT-008) Talent Watch This Sound
12inch Dub-Tone-Muzik (DT-009) Horace Andy Slacky Tidy
12inch Dynamite (DMO-3) Sugar Minott / Al Campbell Up Town Girl / Bad Boys
12inch EAD (ADS-003) Casseyman / Clarence Parkes Hell-A-Pop / A Little Of Your Loving
12inch EAD (DD-004) Triston Palmer / Little John Living In The Ghetto / Bubbling Spree
12inch EAD (GEM-0015) Philip Fraser / Caroline Chung Goodbye / Come In
12inch Eastwest (0-96027) Snow Runway / Ease Up
12inch Eastwest (DMD-2040) Terror Fabulous Gangster's Anthem
12inch Eastwest (DMD-2119) Terror Fabulous Action / No Ride
12inch Eastwest (ED-5748) Worl-A-Girl No Woman No Cry
12inch Eastwest (ED-5748) Worl-A-Girl No Woman No Cry
12inch Eclipse (HCF-1006-12) Scion Success / Manifest Jah Light Shining / Top Form
12inch Eclipse (HCF-1007-112) Sammy Levi Come Off The Road / You Want To Love Me
12inch Eclipse (HCF-1019-12) Cocoa Tea & Major Danger Proud To Be A Black
12inch Eclipse (HCF-1021-12) Sammy Levi Five Pound Box Od Dubs
12inch Eglinton & Oakwood (DML-58011) Madoo & General Echo Coming From Town / Sister Sue
12inch Elektra Entertainment (0-66287) Red Fox Dem A Murderer / Born Again Black Man
12inch Elektra Entertainment (7559-66360-0) Shinehead Jamaican In New York
12inch Elektra Entertainment (EKR-81) Shinehead Chain Gang - Rap
12inch Empire (JJ-198) Sugar Minott / Tony Asha John Boops / Riding East
12inch Entertainment (2313) Mellow Yellow & Fathead That's The Sound
12inch Epic Street (49 77717) Vicious Nika
12inch Ethiopian Taste (ET-001) Johnny Osbourne & Derrick Irie Bible In Hand
12inch Exile (EX-007) Little John / Sammy Dread Wake Up / Talk Over
12inch Exterminator (EXT-26) Sanchez & Cutty Ranks Legal Thief
12inch Exterminator (EXT-51) Sanchez Praise Him
12inch Exterminator (EXT-52) Luciano & Mutabaruka / Sizzla Psalms 24 / True God
12inch Exterminator (EXT-53) Terror Fabulous, Luciano & Louie Culture / Sizzla In This Together / I'm Not Sure
12inch Exterminator (VPRD-5096) Little John / Yammie Bolo Blood Ina Mi Eye / Ease Up The Pressure
12inch Exterminator (VPRD-5342) Cocoa Tea / Cocoa Tea & Papa San Miss Good Looking / Woman Nuh Stop
12inch Exterminator (VPRD-625) Capleton Bumbo Red
12inch Fashion (FAD-019) Papa Face & Bionic Rhoda / Massive Horns To The Bump / Cool & Deadly
12inch Fashion (FAD-036) Horace Andy Gateman
12inch Fashion (FAD-041) Horace Andy Hypocrites
12inch Fashion (FAD-050) Little John Mud Up
12inch Fashion (FAD-061) Frankie Paul Little Water
12inch Fashion (FAD-101) Poison Chang Love The Woman (The Power) / Whe Ya Batty Deh
12inch Fashion (FAD-101) Posion Chang Love The Woman (The Power) / Whe Ya Batty Deh
12inch Fire House Crew (VPRD-5532) Lukie D I Swear
12inch Firehouse (DJ-006) King Kong / Anthony Red Rose Step On My Corn / Fat Thing
12inch Firehouse (FH-004) Red Rose / Sassafras Pum Pum / Bum U Saddle
12inch Firehouse (FH-007) Lewie Culture & Wayne Ranks / Dan Angilo Rat A Badda Me / Sarjeant Rock
12inch Firehouse (FH-039) Gregory Isaacs & Johnny Osbourne / Little John Hard Core / Baddest Dance Singer
12inch Firehouse (PM-015) Lilly Melody Jealousy / Pressure Me
12inch Firehouse (PM-023) Trevor Levy / John Wayne Come Follow Me / Friend Them Mate
12inch Firehouse (PM-024) Lloyd Hemmings / Trevor Levy Rude Boy / Key Card
12inch Flames (FB-8077) Frankie Paul Take My Love
12inch Flynn Flynn (FF-010) D.J. Rupie & Kent C Fly Marie Long Tongue
12inch Fox Taik (FT-003) Chaka Demus & Pliers Pretty Robber
12inch France (FRP-001) Derrick Parker / Johnny P Cool It Off / Stamina
12inch Gems (GM-002) Andy Williams / Dickey Ranking Dancing Machine / Working For The Money
12inch Germain (DG-41985) Gregory Isaacs & Dennis Brown Let Off Sup-m
12inch Germain (DG-41985) Gregory Isaacs & Dennis Brown Let Off Sup-m
12inch Germain (DGT-34) Leroy Gibbons Day Ho
12inch Germain (DGT-42) Audrey Hall / Dean Frazer The Best Thing For Me / Dance Hall Happening
12inch Germain (DGT-42) Sanchez One In A Million
12inch Germain / Revolutionary Sounds (DG-91985) Johnny Osbourne Rock-A-Dub
12inch Germain / Revolutionary Sounds (DG7-1985) Audrey Hall One Dance Won't Do
12inch Ghetto Vibes (VPRD-5360) Bounty Killer / Determine Not Another Word / Never Did A Listen
12inch Ghetto Vibes (VPRD-5393) Bounty Killer / Boom Dandmite Kill Or Be Killed / Mass Murdering
12inch Ghetto Vibes (VPRD-5560) Bounty Killer Not Another Word
12inch Ghetto Vibes (VPRD-5644) Bounty Killer / Elephant Man Suspense / Callalpp Bed
12inch Glory Gold (GG-0025) Bally Legend & Shawn Tyson Want To Marry Me
12inch Gold Disc (VPRD-630) Reggie Stepper & Super Beagle Whining Skill
12inch Gold Disc (VPRD-767) Cutty Ranks / Pliers Money Talk / Love Will Lead You Back
12inch Grade One (G-O-0024) Johnny Ringo / Lilly Melody / Roland Alphonso High Way Robbery / All Night Long / Team Song
12inch Grade One (GO-010) Shoamari & Wayne Jarrett / Michael Prophet Me A Youth Man / Gun Man
12inch Grapevine (DGV-2502) Carlton Livingston Lied / Rude Boys
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-108) Fat Head It's Me / Wha Dat
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-119) Yellowman Zungguzungguguzungguzeng / Who Can Make The Dance Ram?
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-143) Pad Anthony & Tonto Irie / Pad Anthony Champion Bubbler / See Them A Come
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-156) Larry & Alvin / Tetrack Throw Me Corn / Tribal Warriors
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-159) Half Pint One In A Million / Give Me Some Loving
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-167) Dennis Brown / Pad Anthony It's Magic / Crazy Love
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-168) Johnny Osbourne / Wayne Smith In The Area / Saying Goodbye
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-169) Wayne Smith / Michael Buckley Under Me Sleng Teng / Dance Gate
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-172) Patrick Andy / Tonto Irie Sting Me A Sting, Shock Me A Shock / Every Posse Get Ready
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-187) Nitty Gritty Hog In A Minty / Run Down The World
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-194) Frankie Paul Keep On Dancing
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-196) Beres Hammond She Loves Me Now
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-198) King Kong Legal / Mix Up
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-202) Gregory Isaacs / Junior Delgado No Good Girl / Rockers Non Stop
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-203) Freddie McGregor Miserable Woman
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-286) Shabba Ranks & ETC Golden Touch (Remix)
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-292) Cocoa Tea & Dennis Brown Shepards Be Carefull
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-303) Cocoa Tea Ruling Cowboy
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-305) Home T / Hopeton Lindo Who Is He / Taking Over
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-318) Home T, Cooca Tea & Cutty Ranks Another One For The Road
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-369) Sanchez / Sanchez & Flourgon Boom Bye Bye / Stop Fire Shot
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-445) Bounty Killer Down In The Ghetto
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-446) Dawn Penn & Bounty Killer No No No (World A Respect)
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-66) Triston Palmer ~ Jah Thomas & Toyan / Little John ~ Toyan Entertainment / Jah Guide I
12inch Greensleeves (GREL-173) Michael Prophet Bubble Down Bubble Down / Touch Me Back
12inch Guiding Star (DW-2000) Jah Star Music Freak
12inch Gussie P (GPLP-005) Mike Anthony Short-A-Nothing
12inch Gyasi (GA-044) Mikey Jarett & Pat Excell Some One Loves You Honey
12inch Gyasi (GA-090) Verde Green & Donna V Twilight Zone
12inch Gyasi (GA-122) Tomahawk & Shani / Fidel Mr. D.J. / Can't Hold Me
12inch Hamma (TT912-82) Trevor Trees Get Up / I Love You Jah
12inch Harmony House (HHD-7001) Beres Hammond Groovy Little Thing
12inch Harmony House (VPRD-6257) Beres Hammond Always Be There
12inch Hawkeye (HD-61) Little John Do Mama
12inch Hawkeye (HD-94) Cocoa T Up Tight (Uptight Saturday Night)
12inch Heart Beat (RTM-001) Sammy Dread, Peter Rankin & Papa Lucky Motherless Children
12inch High Power (HPD-0011) Yami Bolo / Little John Jah Jah Made Them All / Run For Cover
12inch High Power (HPD-024) Michael Prophet feat. Daddy Freddie Hypocrite
12inch High Power (HPD-027) Deborahe Glasgow You're Sweeter
12inch Holt (3683) John Holt Police In Helicopter
12inch Holt (H-385-007) John Holt Private Doctor
12inch Horseman (JW-375) Lord Sassafras Electric Boogie / Oh I What A Mini
12inch Hutch Music (HM-006) John Holt / Ricky Stereo Saving My Love / D.J. Jingle
12inch I 95 / Park Heights (PHD-010) Fred Locks A Place Called Africa / Money Can't Buy Love
12inch Ikus (CL-03) Sugar Minott No Wicked
12inch Ikus (CL-035) Cooler / Sweet Barry The Sea / One Dollar
12inch Impack (757) Sudden Attack Impack A Rockin / Reggae Rider
12inch Island (12IS-112) Marcia Griffiths Electric Boogie
12inch Island Jamaica (162-537 874-1) Beenie Man & Luciano Crazy Baldheads
12inch Ital International (IIR-009) Cocoa Tea Roll River Jordan / Must Get A Blie
12inch J&W (039) Junior Brammer All Time Bathelor
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-103) Sister Nancy Chalice / Dance Pon The Corner
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-104) Yellowman & Fathead Rub A Dub Play / Hold On To Your Woman
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-119) Sugar Minott / Trevor Ranking Harbor Shark / Some A Halla
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-121) Cornell Campbell / Tony Tuff You Are My Lady / Come We Come Fi Mash It
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-126) Tiger / Color Man Love Line / Rebel Cricketer
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-138) Ken Boothe / Toyan You Say You Love Me / Calypso Calypso
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-72) Nicodemus / Michigan & Smiley Bone Man Conenction / Disease
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-74) Linval Thompson / Nicodemus Holding On To Your Girlfriend / Wife & Sweetheart
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-87) Michael Prophet / Genie & Tasha Upside Down / Ladies Answer To Disease
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-98) Yellowman & Fathead I'm Getting Divorced / Natty Dread Thing
12inch Jah Life / Bomb (JL-040) Nitty Gritty Gimme Some Your Something / My Special Girl
12inch Jah Life (JL-008) Barrington Levy Murderer / Tell Them A Ready
12inch Jah Life (JL-025) Rev. Badoo Money, Money / Talk To Them
12inch Jah Life (JL-032) Carlton Livingston, Leroy Smart, Sammy Dread, Michael Prophet & Scion Success / Leroy Smart Super Star Mix / One For The Money
12inch Jah Life (JL-034) Barrington Levy Collie Weed
12inch Jah Life (JL-036) Mikey Melody / Boogsie Jahmalla Under Mi Fat Thing / Reggae Music
12inch Jah Life (JLT-1012) Mikey General Cowboy Life / A Sound Gonna Die In The Dance Tonite
12inch Jah Life (JLT-102) Capleton / Chicken Hawk Number 1 Pon The Look / Hawk De Pon The Mike
12inch Jah Life (JLT-1025) Terrence Smith, Cassete & Tape / Carlton Livingston V.I.B. / Wicked Can't Run Away
12inch Jah Life Time (JLM-004) Sister Carol Jah Disciple
12inch Jah Records (JRW-002) Papa Levi Millitantcy / Baby Mother
12inch Jah Tubbys (JT-21) Captain Leafie & The Off Beat Posse Love Is A Thing
12inch Jam Can (PH-002) Little John / Thriller True Confession / This Old Man
12inch Jam Can (PH-005) Thriller Super Dooper / Model Pon Me
12inch Jamafra (JAM-003) Don Camilo Run Come / Youthman / Kill Demm All
12inch Jammy$ Admiral Tibett Big Belly Man / Horse Tonic
12inch Jammy$ (DSR-5403) Tenor Saw / Echo Minott Punpkin Belly / Original Fat Thing
12inch Jammy$ (DSR-5829/5830) Johnny Osbourne / Nico Demus Budy Bye / Eagle Father
12inch Jammy$ (DSR-8788) Pinchers Agony
12inch Jammy$ (DSR-8792) Johnny Osbourne / Chuck Turner On The Right Track / I Need You
12inch Jammy$ (HD/JAM-011) Shaka Demus Mini Mini / Dem Body Good
12inch Jammy$ (HD/JAM-014) Pinchers / Tony Tuff The First Time I Saw You / Make It With You
12inch Jammy$ (HD/JAM-016) Johnny P / Ninjaman Bike Back / Border Clash
12inch Jammy$ (JRD-035) Admiral Tibett Poor Freddy
12inch Jammy$ (JRD-037) Grindsman / Frankie Paul Dem Friend Back / I Remember
12inch Jammy$ (PJADIS-003) Gregory Isaacs Every Thursday Night
12inch Jammy$ (PJADIS-006) Johnny Osbourne Fire Fire
12inch Jammy$ (PJADIS-11) Eccleton Jarrett / Phillip Frazer Rock Them One By One / Lost And Found
12inch Jammy$ (VPRD-323) Flourgon & Daddy Lizard Jump, Spread Out
12inch Jammy$ (VPRD-338) Cocoa Tea / Dean Frazer Big Bad Girl / Lonesome Horn
12inch Jammy$ (VPRD-399) Cocoa Tea & Charlie Chaplin Let's Give Thanks
12inch Jammy$ (VPRD-411) Frankie Paul Be Mine Tonight
12inch Jammy$ (VPRT-092) Major Mackerell / Aurdie Culture Look How You Maaga / Rude Boy Company
12inch Jedi / Hitbound (JJ-172) Junior Reid / Horace Ferguson Hip, Hip, Hurray / Fever
12inch Jimpy's International (JWH-031) Richie Ranks Drink, Don't Drive
12inch Joe Gibbs Music (JGM-8184) Robert Ffrench The Girl Now A Days
12inch JR (VPRD-456) Junior Reid One Blood / Married Life
12inch Jungle Royalty (JR-1001) Sugar Minott / Baby Whitey Do You Really Love Me / Rent-A-Dread
12inch Justice (JUD-77) John Mouse & Jr. Cat / Little Twitch One Minute Loving / Dollar A Do It
12inch Justice (JUDIS-42) J. Gender & Cocoa Tea Girl In My Dreams
12inch Justice (JUDIS-47) Super Cat Boops / Cry For The Youth
12inch Jwyanza (J-24) Brigadier Jerry Jah Jah You ~ Pain
12inch Kaya (003) Tony Tuff Mix Me Down / Wa-Swm-A-Go-Do
12inch Kaya (JLT-1001) Papa San Talk Backways
12inch Keeling (KRV-122) Tony Tuff / Color Man Ain't No Stopping Us / Under Mi Bible
12inch Kesta (DSR-8682/8683) Little Meeky / Little Meeky & Daddy Meeky Licky Licky / Mandera Free
12inch King Culture (KC-747) Howie Smart / Mighty Diamonds Chu Wa Wa / Knowledge
12inch King Culture (NSML-002) Howie Smart Tune In / On The Phone
12inch King Kong (KK-293) King Kong / Vickey Nelson Once Upon A Time / Let's Make A Deal
12inch King Stereo (KS-001) Frankie Paul / Hero Culture Call Me Crazy / Hell In A Town
12inch Kings Crown (DSR-7041) Tiger No Puppy Love
12inch Kingston 11 (VPRD-5189) Ninja Man & Bounty Killer Badman A No Cub Scout
12inch Kingston 11 (VPRD-5230) Josey Wales / Terry Ganzie Dem Ah Fool / Pon Guard
12inch L&T (LT-001) Admiral Tibet / Earry G Let Me Go / Rental
12inch Libra (NV-009) Neville Valentine / Peter Metro Them Can't Test Me / The Original No Put It De
12inch Live & Learn (LL-117) Michael Prophet Trouble Me / Easy Man
12inch Live & Learn (LL-121) Dennis Brown Hold Tight / When Spring Is Around
12inch Live & Love (LLD-108) Sanchez / Red Dragon End Of The World / Dibi Dibi Man
12inch Live & Love (LLD-110) Johnny Osbourne Them A h Terrorist
12inch Live & Love (LLD-113) Gregory Isaacs Steal A Little Love
12inch Live & Love (LLD-113) Nitty Gritty / Hopeton James Letting Off Steam / Sure Shot Medley
12inch Live & Love (LLD-122) Major Mackerel / Thriller U Sorry For Botah / I've Been Sitting
12inch Live & Love (LLD-126) Leslie Thunder / Junior Tamlin Follow Me To The Session / Behind The Wall
12inch Live & Love (LLD-128) Sanchez Sorry
12inch Live & Love (LLD-131) Admiral Bailey / Joys Boom Youth / Crystal Blue Persuation
12inch Live & Love (LLD-304) Superman & Spiderman / Scotty Lord A Who / Concrete Castle Queen
12inch Live & Love (LLD-45) Parker B / Horace Andy Can't Tie Me / Come In A This
12inch Live & Love (LLD-50) Pinchers Loving That You Want
12inch Live & Love (LLD-51) Tiger / Nana McLean Bam Bam / Single Girl
12inch Live & Love (LLD-54) Johnny Osbourne / Hugo Barrington Greatest Lover / Lover's Rock Is Back
12inch Live & Love (LLD-56) Frankie Paul Posse Run Come / Game Of Love
12inch Live & Love (LLD-82) Frankie Paul / Major Worries Come On Girl / Done Now
12inch Live & Love (LLD-84) Robert Lee / Devon Linton Love Me Stylee / Jah Look At You
12inch Live & Love (LLD-89) Admiral Bailey No Way No Better Than Yard
12inch Live & Love (LLD-90) Admiral Bailey Della Move
12inch Live & Love (LLD-97) Little Twitch / Astronat Every DJ Want To Burst / Catch & Shub It
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0013) Sugar Minott / Lt. Stitchie You Lick Me First / Insect Kitchen
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0015) Echo Minott What A Hell
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0017) Don Angelo / Super Black Can't Conquer Me / Rambo
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0017) Don Angelo / Super Black Can't Conquer Me / Rambo
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0030) Little John Yes Mamma
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-019) Leroy Smart Crucial Lover / Cream Of The Crop
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-033) Cornell Campbell Unfair Game
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-61) Major Mackerell / Al Campbell Pretty Lokks Done / Your Love Change
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-63) Leroy Sibbles / Jr. Mervin Need You Beside Me / World Inflation
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0011) Admiral Bailey & Chacka Demus / Don Angelo One Scotch / Reggae Music
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0014) Cocoa Tea / Papa Tulloch Tune In / Hog A You Ma
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0026) Pad Anthony / Josey Wales & Admiral Bailey One One Coco / Ballot Box
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0028) Cocoa Tea Come Again
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0029) Pinchers Agony
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-036) Echo Minott Emmanuel Road
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-40) Horace Andy Must Have To Get It / Girl Of My Dream
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-41) Frankie Paul Cover Your Mouth
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-47) Mike Brooks She Has Gone / Pay The Price
12inch Londisc (LD-002) Richie Mc / Triston Palmer It's Not What You Say / Come In A De Dance
12inch Love Linch (LL-023) Sammy Dread / Donnavan Smith Dreadlocks Reggae / Mr. Walker
12inch Mad House (MHT-017) Louie Culture Revolution Song
12inch Mad House (MHT-018) Daddy Screw Ghetto Life
12inch Mad Max Fat Jaw (MJD-02) Foxy Brown & Tuffie / Tuffest Nuh Worry & Fret / Laba Laba
12inch Mafia & Fluxy (M&F-0236) Sweetie Irie / Zuruchi Friends & Lover / This Love
12inch Main St. (MAIN-5) Garnet Silk Oh Me Oh My
12inch Mango (12MNG-814) Chaka Demus & Pliers Twist & Shout
12inch Massive B (MB-010) Ini Kamoze Hot Stepper Return
12inch Massive B (MB-41) Junior Reid Bubblers
12inch MCA (MCST-1949) Barrington Levy Vice Versa Love
12inch Medley Music (MM-101) Tiger Blood Money
12inch Midnight Rock (VPRD-125) Little John / Elfigo Bacca Say What You're Saying / Dedicated To You
12inch Mini Mart (MMM-0006) Bobo General Ghetto Life
12inch Mister Tipsy (VPRD-189) Al Campbell Trouble In The Dance
12inch Mister Tipsy (VPRD-198) Johnny Clarke Apple Of My Eye
12inch Mixing Lab (VPRD-536) Yellowman / Horace Andy Thief / Eternal Love
12inch Moodies (MR 5-23-54) Hopeton Lindo Sidewalk Traveller
12inch Moodies (MR-005) Pad Anthony You Gonna Be Late
12inch Moodies (MR-008) Frankie Paul Sara
12inch Moodies (MR-015) Shabba Ranks Live Blanket
12inch Moodies (MR-02) Little John Everything Crash
12inch Moodies (MR-02) Little John Everything Crash
12inch Mr. Doo (MDD-027/028) Frankie Paul / Trevor Sparks & Sleepy Wonder Could It Be You / Musical Wonder
12inch Mr. Doo (MDD-028) Cutty Ranks Stick It Up
12inch Mr. Doo (MDD-045) Cocoa Tea & Ninja Man Dirt Heart
12inch Mr. O Production (AI-002) Sugar Minott Rhythm Matic
12inch Mr. O Production (AI-005) Danny Mangaroo Give A Helping Hand
12inch Mr. O Production (AI-006) Cocoa Tea Down By The Broadwalk
12inch Mr. O Production (AI-010) Christie Love / Squidley Missing You / Dance In Africa
12inch Mr. O Productions (AI-001) Coco Tea Form A Line
12inch Music House (MH-1) Frankie Wilmott I Won't Give Up
12inch Music Rock (ROCK-001) Sugar Minott I Man Have No Luck In Gambling
12inch Music Works (G-8917) Admiral Tibett & Shabba Ranks Tell Me Which One
12inch Music Works (G-8929) J.C. Lodge / J.C. Lodge & Shabba Ranks Selfish Lover / Hardcore Loving
12inch Music Works (Germain-8-1982) Bobby Melody Got To Be Stern
12inch Music Works (GUSSIE-8801) Gregory Isaacs Rumors
12inch Music Works (GUSSIE-8802) J.C. Lodge Telephone Love
12inch Music Works (GUSSIE-8805) Josie Wales Slackness Done
12inch Musik Street (MS-014) General Levy Can't Wait
12inch Nnamani Production (NNS-1162) Saphire & Hopeton James Chances Are
12inch No Choice Entertainment (NCE-002) Shinehead Reprimand / Ruff & Rugged
12inch Nu Look (NUL-008) Shabbacan Ting A Ling / Boom By By
12inch Observer Frankie Paul Should I / Desert Eagle
12inch Off Beat Posse (OFF-BEAT-12-01) Frighty & Colonel Might / Frighty & The Off Beat Posse Why / Shower Me
12inch Oneness (DSR-3430) Jimmy Cliff Rub-A-Dub Partner
12inch Original Sounds (OS-016) Frankie Paul & Pinchers / Ricky Chaplin Nutting No Deh / Call The Police
12inch Ossie (OH-017) Johnny Osbourne I'm Moving Up
12inch Ossie (OH-050) Frankie Paul Gal Pickney
12inch Ossie (OH-12) Lionel Craig & Tiger Need To Belong
12inch Ossie (OH-15) Frankie Paul Gal Pickney
12inch Ossie (OH-27) Plyers / Lionel Craig Come In A The Dance / Under Mi Nose
12inch Oswald Music (OM-104) Earl Sixteen / Casseyman Prophets / Who You Are
12inch Ottey's Promotion (RMM-454) Frankie Paul & Joe Lick Shot Dance Caan Nice Wid-Out Wi
12inch Outernational (OUT-001) Capleton / Capleton & Johnny Osbourne Special Guest / Heartical Guest
12inch Papa Roots Int'l (10530) Sugar Minott Maging If
12inch Papa Roots Int'l (10537) Pad Anthony Nothing More
12inch Parish (6381) King Everald Bad Boy
12inch Park Heights (PHD-0066) Sluggy / Sluggy & Night Rider Reunited / Pretty Lady
12inch Park Heights (PHD-0067) Marcus / Tiger & Barry Brown Freedom Walk / Not So Lucky
12inch Penthouse Beres Hammond Falling In Love Again
12inch Penthouse Sanchez No Turning Back
12inch Penthouse Tony Rebel Guns & Ammnition
12inch Penthouse Wayne Wonder Missing You
12inch Penthouse (PH-105) Thriller U I'll Do My Best / Sweet Vanessa
12inch Penthouse (PH-12) Scotty & Chaka Demus Bring It To Me
12inch Penthouse (PH-123) Beres Hammond My Wish
12inch Penthouse (PH-176) Marcia Griffiths Childish Games
12inch Penthouse (PH-61) Wayne Wonder & Lady P Dollars
12inch Penthouse (PH-70) Wayne Wonder Hold On To Love
12inch Penthouse (PH12-68) Shaka Demus Jump Up
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-11) Wayne Wonder Nothing Compares To You
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-12) Cobra Yush (Bad Boy Talk)
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-17) Wayne Wonder I Believe In Your Love
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-33) Buju Banton Batty Rider
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-35) Thriller U Missing Your Love
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-41) Tiger Crying Fool
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-50) Marcia Griffiths Closer To You
12inch Phill Pratt (PP-0019) Horace Andy Ram Dance Master
12inch Pick Out (PICD-12) Tinga Stewart & Ninja Man / Ninja Man Save The Last Dance For Me / Tell Me
12inch Pick Out (PICK-09) Tinga Stewart & Ninja Man / Super Black Cover Me / Table A Go Turn
12inch Pioneer Muzik (CD-2001) Courtney Melody Girl You Turn Me On
12inch Poncora (DEB-100) Patrick Alley Stormy
12inch Pouyatt International (POUYATT-01) Doctor C / Danny Dread Crazy / Unity
12inch Powerhouse Freddie McGregor Don't Hurt My Feelings
12inch Powerhouse Michael Palmer Lick Shot
12inch Powerhouse (DSR-2733) Michale Plamer Lick Shot
12inch Powerhouse (DSR-5350) Sanchez Let It Be Me
12inch Powerhouse (DSR-9194) Barrington Levy / Wayne Scotch Gimmie Your Loving / Nuh Tan Wid Him
12inch Powerhouse (PH-03) Dennis Brown Have You Ever
12inch Powerhouse (PH-03) Dennis Brown Have You Ever
12inch Powerhouse (VPRD-523) Tiger / Al Campbell Mek Dem Know / Go Before Us
12inch Rambo (001) Cocoa Tea President Boatha / Flood Victim
12inch Ranking Joe Universal (RJ-001) Nigger Mikey / Apachie Scratchie My Love A Bubble Up / Midnight Cowboy
12inch Ranking Joe Universal (RJ-009) Ranking Joe Gi Mi Back Your Loving
12inch Ranking Joe Universal (RJ-105) Rod Taylor My Love A Bubble Up / Midnight Cowboy
12inch Ras (RAS-7063) Junior Reid Listen To The Voices / Grammy
12inch Real Authentic Sound (RAS-7003) Michigan & Smiley Sugar Daddy / What A Life
12inch Real Authentic Sound (RAS-7019) Natural Beauty Nice Up Dancee / You Wanna Be Loved
12inch Real Authentic Sound (RAS-7025) Black Uhuru Conquer The Tanker
12inch Redman International (RED-3) Frankie Paul F.P. Calibra
12inch Redman International (VPRED-130) Johnny P / Conroy Smith Old Bruck / Run Down Girls
12inch Reggae Rock (777) King David Don't Smoke Coke
12inch Revolutionary Sounds (S&C-001) Leroy Gibbons & Dillinger Bruck Camera
12inch Rhino (RNO-1) DElroy Melody / Tony Zebra School Girl / Walk Foot Man
12inch Ricky Ticky Music (RT-001) George Nooks / Louie Lepkie I Don't Care / Shake Your Titie
12inch Rob John (RJD-003) Leroy Gibbon / Princess S. & Wengie Zuum We Gone / Look Out
12inch Rob John (RJD-008) Sugar Minott Hit Man
12inch Rockers Forever (HR-0011) Phillip Frazier Reggae Explosion
12inch Rockers Forever (HR-0018) Roland Burrell / Johnny Osbourne Carnival / We A Go Cork It
12inch Rockers Forever (HR-025) Horace Andy Get In The Groove
12inch Roof International (VPRD-5239) Yamie Bolo, Josey Wales, Jack Radics & Charlie Chaplin Do Good
12inch Rookie (ROOKIE-001) Tenor Saw & Pyceral John Crow / Fire Side Jam
12inch Roots Rockers (RRD-001) Mr. Spaulding Plane Fare / Fantastic
12inch Rose Of Sharon (SW-729) Tinga Stewart & Angel Hoyt In The Mood
12inch Rude Boy Kelly (RUDE-4) Cobra Mate A Rebel
12inch Ruff House (44 74780) Jamal-Ski A Piece Of Reality
12inch Sammy Dread International (703) Sammy Dread One Sunday Morning / Come Back Darling
12inch Sammy Dread International (SD-708) Sammy Dread ~ Billy Boyo Discipline Child ~ Computer Car
12inch Sammy Dread International (SD-712) Sammy Dread & Peter Rankin Dread Locks No Want Bangarang
12inch Selection (CAPRI-311183) Johnny Osbourne / U. Brown If You Love The Rubba Dub Say Forward / Chanting Till Morning
12inch Selectors Choice (SC-0001) Scion Sashay Success No Worry Your Mind
12inch Shang (SHG-636102) Shabba Ranks & Leroy Sibbles Sexy
12inch Shelly's (SRD-015) Leroy Smart / Junior Demus You Are Leaving / Come Fi Mek Some Money
12inch Shelly's (SRD-030) Nardo Boom / Bobo General, Sleepy Wonder & Nardo Boom El Dandi / My Sound
12inch Shelly's (SRD-41) Roman Stewart & Daddy Rupie War
12inch Sir Coxsone (BDXT-9312) Top Cat / Nitty Gritty I Love My Sensimela / Hell A Top
12inch Sir Tommy's (0002) Teddy Brown / Patrick Andy Watch What You Are Doing / Long Time Girl
12inch Sir Tommy's (STHF-0004) Anthony Red Rose / Major Black Never, Never / None Stop Juggling
12inch Skengdon (SKD-060) Shaka Demus Young Gal Business
12inch Skengdon (SKDL-024) Earl Sixteen We Rule
12inch Skengdon (SKDL-025) Cocoa Tea Jamaica Sweet
12inch Skengdon (SKDL-041) Tenor Saw Kiss An Angel
12inch Skengdon (SKDL-042) Al Campbell Who Feels It Knows It
12inch Small Axe (265-RPM) Johnny Osbourne Grooving
12inch Smilegan (SMGN-01) Scotty & Junie Ranks / Chicken Chest Crazy / Fire Fire
12inch Solid Gold (SG-007) Horace Andy Butter Bread
12inch Soul Comb (1121) Mark Anthony Cool & Deadly
12inch Spider Man (SPM-204) Trevor Sparks Riding For A Fall
12inch Star Light (DH-830) Johnny Osbourne / Wayne Smith Water Pumping / Music On My Mind
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-433) Tiger Ram Dance Hall
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-446) Foxy Brown Sorry
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-451) Foxy Brown Fast Car
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-542) Gregory Peck Poco Man Jam
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-543) Richie Stephens Don't Make Me Wait (For Love)
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-605) Ninjaman Murder Them / Program To Kill
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-685) Gregory Peck John Public
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-809) Tiger Cool Mi Down
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-830) Cocoa Tea Sonia Come Back
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-855) Junior Tucker You Don't Care
12inch Step Sun Music Entertainment Reverend Baddo / Jr. Demus / You A Bad Boy Bop Scuchie
12inch Stereo One (STO-002) Daddy Blue / Eccleton Jarrett Lickie Lickie / Cannot Stop
12inch Striker Lee (BL-23) Leroy Smart / Peter Metro Girl You Got Me Going / Dance In A Africa
12inch Striker Lee (BLD-5) King Kong Don't Trouble Trouble / AIDS
12inch Striker Lee (FFLD-003) King Kong / Little John Moving On African Border / Hold Up Your Hand
12inch Striker Lee (SLT-003) Tullo T / Derrick Irie The Don / Good Loving
12inch Striker Lee (TSL-113) Garnet Silk & Tony Rebel A Little More Oil
12inch Suffering & Faith King Everald Cowboy Style
12inch Super Gold (TOM-001) Toyan Bring You Baby
12inch Super Power (SDP-6) Admiral Bailey Big Belly Man / Horse Stomach
12inch Super Power (SPD-12) Leroy Gibbons She's My Baby / Magic Moment
12inch Super Power (SPD-17) Shabba Ranks / Junior Delgado Needle-Eye Pum Pum / Illegal Gun
12inch Super Power (SPD-19) Crystal Dean / Higgs & Twins In My Heart / We Ah Say One
12inch Super Power (SPD-20) Leroy Gibbons Cupid
12inch Super Power (SPD-20) Leroy Sibbles Cupid
12inch Super Power (SPD-210) Johnny P Nah Walk Truck
12inch Super Power (SPD-221) Barrington Levy True Experience
12inch Super Power (SPD-230) Echo Minott Been Around The World
12inch Super Power (SPD-231) Admiral Bailey / Tullo T Girl Your Body Good / Mampie Style
12inch Super Power (SPD-38) Chaka Demus Them Can't Stop Me
12inch Super Power (SPD-4) King Everal Tonight Your Mine / If You Want Good
12inch Super Power (SPD-40) Chaka Demus / Shabba Ranks Original Kuff / Cool It Off
12inch Super Power (SPD-43) Al Campbell / Tiger You Bring Me Joy / Dam Thing
12inch Super Power (SPD-48) Sugar Minott / Papa San Get Up And Dance / Sixpence
12inch Super Power (SPD-5) Tappa Lee & Rappa Robert Post Man At Your Gate / Star Appeal
12inch Super Power (SPD-9) Shabba Ranks / Dominique Original Fresh / Favor Boy George
12inch Supremes Roots (SR-101) Coco Tea Wrote Me A Letter
12inch Tad (TRD-82085) John Holt & Dennis Brown / Gregory Isaacs Wild Fire / I'll Be On My Way
12inch Tad's (TRD-14786) Dennis Brown Any Way You Want It
12inch Tad's (TRD-26187) Freddy McGregor Name And Number
12inch Tad's (TRD-8754) Sugar Minott Level Vibes
12inch Tan Yah (TY-081) Terry Ganzie / Buccaneer Fly Away Home / Poppy Show
12inch Tappa (TZ-004) U-Roy African Soldier
12inch Taxi Sugar Minott / Robbie Lyn, Sly & Robbie Devil Pickney / Water Red
12inch Taxi (DSR-0518) Dennis Brown Sitting & Watching
12inch Taxi (DSR-4050) Carlton Livingston Trodding Through The Jungle
12inch Taxi (DSR-5372) Black Uhuru Fit You Haffe Fit
12inch Taxi (DSR-5390) Dennis Brown Hold On To What You Got
12inch Taxi (JJ-180) Sugar Minott Rub-A-Dub
12inch Taxi (JJ-230) Dennis Brown Revolution Pt.2
12inch Taxi (TAXI-016) Carlton Livingston / Sly & Robbie Those Tricks / Taxi Connection
12inch Taxi (TX-03) Gregory Isaacs What A Feeling
12inch Taxi (TXI-087) Chaka Demus & Pliers Murder She Wrote
12inch Taxi (VPRD-5079) Garnett Silk Greenling (Green Line)
12inch Taxi (VPRD-6080) Taxi Gang The Good The Bad & The Ugly
12inch Techniques Frankie Paul & Little Richie You Must Be Getting Out Of Your Mind
12inch Techniques Super Cat & Brok Back Mr. Walker
12inch Techniques Wayne Wonder & Nardo Rankin Sound Boy Wah Happen To You
12inch Techniques Wayne Wonder & Nardo Rankin Sound Boy Wah Happen To You
12inch Techniques (Tech-Dis-003) Sanchez Sweetest Sound
12inch Techniques (WR-057) Techniques & Lady G Samfie Lover
12inch Techniques (WR-1991) Junie Ranks / Ashman Counteraction / Jah Jah Rule Over We
12inch Techniques (WRLP-22) Frankie Paul Love Affair
12inch Techniques (WRT-02) Super Cat Boops / Cry For The Youth
12inch Techniques (WRT-54) Super Beagle & Reggie Stepper Whinning Skill
12inch Techniques (WRT-58) Nardo Rankin Skin Out
12inch Techniques (WRT-61) Tiger & Gregory Isaacs She Give Me Hic-Up
12inch Techniques (WRT-61) Tiger & Gregory Isaacs You Give Me Hic Up
12inch Techniques (WRT-76) Frankie Paul Addicted To Your Love
12inch Thunder Bolt (DSR-4865) Midnight Riders / Steve Knight Illegal Gun / Rodeo
12inch Time One (TOR-29) Barrington Levy & Sasafras Step Up In Life
12inch Time One (TOR-32) Barrington Levy My Time
12inch Time One (TR-0016) Leroy Smart / Barry Brown Money Is Comfort / If I Give My Love
12inch Time One (TR-0020) Barrington Levy Struggler / Moonlight Lover
12inch Time One (TRO-05) Barrington Levy Under Me Sensie
12inch Time One (TRO-23) s No Money No Run
12inch Time (TR-008) Frankie Paul Ride The Rythem
12inch TMT (1002) Fred & Wilma Flinstones Rock
12inch Top Rank (TR-001) Johnny Osbourne One Rub-A-Dub For The Road
12inch Top Rank (VPTRR-014) Johnny Osbourne / Dean Fraser Get Cracking / Square From Cuba
12inch Top Rank (VPTRR-027) Tony Tuff Jam It Again
12inch Top Rank (VPTRR-039) Toney Tuff (Tony Tuff) Ragamuffin Style
12inch Traffic Jam (TF-003) Courtney Melody Modern Girl
12inch Triff (TPC-0002) Tony Tuff & Jr. Demus / Jr. Demus Nah Rush It / Easy Does It
12inch TSOJ Lovindeer & Judy Bell / Lovindeer The Killer Slam / Girls Liberation
12inch TSOJ (DSR-9356) Lovindeer & Shabba Ranks Manhunt
12inch Tuff Gong (TG-1985) Rita Marley One Draw / The Beauty Of God's Plan
12inch Twin Explosion (TE-102) Nitty Gritty Loving Feeling
12inch Two Friends (SIR-006) Brian & Tony Gold, Tuffest Dreaming
12inch Two Friends (SIR-007) Shabba Ranks Hafi Kill Me Dead
12inch Two Friends (SIR-036) Leroy Gibbons Hold It Down
12inch TYad's (TRD-31384) Johnny Osbourne Bring Your Daughter
12inch UK Bubblers / Greensleeves (TIPPA-T-2) Tippa Irie Complain Neighbour / Lyric maker
12inch Ultra Sonic (ULT-003) Mikey Jarrett / Carlton Livingston 84 / Your Loving
12inch Unity (UN-001/006) Deman Rockers / Johnny Osbourne Iron Lady / Put It By Number One
12inch Unity (UN-006) Johnny Osbourne / General Trees Put It By Number One / You To Good
12inch Unity (UN-009) Nitty Gritty / Errol Bellot Sweet Reggae Music / Natural Touch
12inch Unity (UN-018) Kenny Knots / Errol Bellut Watch How The People Dancing / A Weh Do She
12inch Unity (UN-020) Echo Minott / King Kong / Admiral Bailey & Chaka Demus What The Hell / Don't Touch My Boops / One Scotch
12inch Unity (UN-DIS-001) Gregory Isaacs No Good Girl
12inch Unlimited Sounds (BR-010) Bucky Rogers & Wayne Smith God Heart Man
12inch Up Tempo (UT-012) Tenor Saw Golden Hen
12inch Veirman (VM-013) Gringo Ranking Glatlin
12inch Vibes and Vibes (VV-003) Jah Thomas Working Hard For A Dollar / Dance Hall Move
12inch Volcano (VPRD-164) Josie Wales Hoola Hoope
12inch Volcano (VPRD-172) Frankie Paul Worries In The Dance
12inch Volcano (VPRD-173) Frankie Paul Kushungpeng
12inch Volcano (VPRD-215) John Holt Stealing Stealing
12inch Wackie's (Wackie-8003) Santa Ranking Ruff Neck Chicken
12inch Wackie's (Wackie-NJ-21) Sugar Minott Jehovah
12inch Wackie's (Wackie-NJ-22) Sugar Minott Doing The Dub
12inch Waterhouse (DSR-5854/5853) Wayne Palmer / Patrick Andy Hell In A Town / Speak Your Mind
12inch Waterhouse (FH-017) Johnny Clarke / John Wayne Give Me Your Love / Turnround No
12inch Waterhouse (WH-001) Singing Melody She Waa Tie Me / Words Get In The Way
12inch What's Up Doc (WUD-004) Carlton Livingston / Santa Ranks When I'm Hot / The Ritz
12inch What's Up Doc (WUD-007) Sammy Dread / Mikey Jarrett Metal Detector / Security For Sureity
12inch What's Up Doc (WUD-009) Mikey Jarrett / Horace Andy Five On The Black Hand Side / Sweet Pea
12inch Wild Apache (WA-005) Sluggy Sound Boy
12inch Wild Apache (WA-008) Super Cat, Nico Demus & Jr. Demus Cabin Stabbin
12inch Wild Apache (WA-01) Super Cat Mud Up
12inch Wild Apache (WA-024) Super Cat Dan Dadda
12inch Wild Apache (WA-061) Super Cat / Delton Screechie Vinyard Party / Midnight Cowboy
12inch Wild Apache (WA-15) Super Cat / Colonel Wayne Nuff Man A Dead / Cuminya
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-003) Super Cat & Nicodemus I & I Perrogative
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-010) Super Cat Come Down / Dollars Fi Count
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-016) Apachie Scratchy / Michael Fabulous Father & Son / Run Them
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-019) Trevor Sparks / Robert Dangerfield Twilight Time / Buddy Love
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-022) Burro Banton Boom Wha This / The Veteran
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-024) Super Cat Don Dadda (Jamaica Mix) / (New York Mix)
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-025) Wayne Fire / Nardo Ranks Them No Bow / Go Back So
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-026) Nut Head / Selvin Wonder Jail House / Get Bada
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-049) Terro Ganzie / Selvin Wonder Nuf Reward / Answer Them
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-054) Jack Radix / Oneal Shine Sugar My Sweets / I Want To Love You
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-058) Frankie Paul / Peter Drogon Dancehall Run Hat / Founder Fi Pum Pum
12inch Winner (DSR-5783) Charlie Chaplin Boyie Boyie
12inch Witty (AR-001) Junior Mervin Funny Feelings
12inch Witty (CM-001) Tony Tuff Dance Dance
12inch Witty (DSR-3740/3741) Yellowman Lovers Take Over / Well Colour Full
12inch Witty (GA-003) Papa Toyan Kill Them With It
12inch Witty (MM-005) Yellowman Gregory Free
12inch Witty (MM-006) Yellowmann Body Move
12inch Witty (MM-016) Echo Minott Fat Millie
12inch Witty (MM-022) Frankie Paul Ride The Rythem
12inch Witty (MM-023) Michael Palmer Ready She No Ready
12inch Witty (MM-024) Johnny Osbourne Rewind
12inch Witty (MM-025) Sugar Minott / Junior Reid Wheel & Turn Me / Original Foreign Mind
12inch Witty (MM-041) Lee Van Cliff Get Mi Grammy
12inch Witty (MM-043) Shelly Thunder / Junior Wilson Shock Me A Shock / Love Pain
12inch Witty (MM-044) Junior Wilson ~ Charlie Chaplin I've Got The Feeling ~ Poor Man Feet
12inch Witty (MM-045) Little John Do Mama
12inch Witty (MM-050) Sugar Minott Run Come
12inch Witty (MM-052) Shelly Thunder 85 Vission
12inch Witty (MM-053) Peter Metro / Junior Wilson Green Card / West Bound Train
12inch Witty (MM-054) Tenor Saw No Work On Sunday
12inch Witty (MM-056) Tenor Saw I Just Love My Woman
12inch Witty (MM-067) Peter Metro Ribibibung Skeng
12inch Witty (MM-071) Peter Metro Boops
12inch Witty (MM-072) Horace Andy / Junior Wilson Banga Rang / Rambo
12inch Witty (MM-073) Johnny Osbourne Cork The Party
12inch Witty (MM-081) Sugar Minott / Junior Delgado Seven Time Rise & Fall / Twice Nice
12inch Witty (MM-084) Ashanti Waugh / Tippa Lee & Rapper Robert Hot De Dance Get Hot / Come In A Dance
12inch Witty (MM-085) Papa Michigan Big Apple / Invitation
12inch Witty (MM-090) Horace Andy / Chaka Demus Old Dub Plate / Wine You Body
12inch Witty (MM-096) Robert Ffrench Heat In The Place / Keep Them Dancing
12inch Witty (MM-097) Shelly Thunder Woman Now A Days
12inch Witty (MM-107) Pad Anthony Turn Me Loose
12inch Witty (MM-115) Carlton Livingston A Thousand Dances / Why You Did It
12inch Witty (MM-122) Knight Rider Bad Boy Stepping
12inch Witty (MM-125) Lt. Stitchie / U-U-Madoo Natty Dread / Teenager In Love
12inch Witty (MM-141) Shelly Thunder Man A Rush Me
12inch Witty (MM-147) Nitty Gritty We Run Things
12inch Witty (MM-166) Trevor Sparks / Trevor Sparks & Little Twitch Devoted To You / Count On You
12inch Witty (MMD-134) Shelly Thunder Kuff
12inch Witty (MST-001) Steve Knight Love You Endlessly / Bad Company
12inch Witty (WH-001) Junior Wilson & Marcia Aitken / Alton Black Really Together / My, My, My
12inch WKS (VPRD-248) Junior Bramer & Wayne Wade My Heart Is Gone (Medley)
12inch WLN (03) Michael Prophet Rock Me Baby / Don't Throw Stone
12inch World Enterprise (SLD-04) King Kong Glamour Boy In My Life / Come Right In
12inch World Enterprise (WED-89) Alton Ellis Soul Medley
12inch World Enterprize (WENDIS-3029) Leroy Gibbons Missing You
12inch Y&D (YDD-0130) Crucial Robbie & The Off Beat Posse Proud To Be Black / Question To All Women
12inch Y&D (YDD-0132) Frighty & Colonel Might Life (Is What You Make It) / Feel So Good
12inch Y&D (YDD-0137) Errol Bellot & The Off Beat Posse Chatterbox
12inch Y&D (YDD-0140) Little Clarkie & The Off Beat Posse Neatly / Bad Boy Sound
12inch Yammie Music (YM-011) Bruce Lee & Lideay Dibi Dibi Girl
12inch Yvonne's Special (NR-0010) Dennis Brown Love Light
12inch Yvonne's Special (TS-014) Dennis Brown / Toyan My Love / A Do It Sweet
LP Atlantic (ST-A-897452-SP) Lietenant Stitchie The Governor
LP Barry U. (BULP-02) Little Kirk & Trever Sparks Youth And Youth
LP Black Roots Sugar Minott The Hit Man
LP Black Scorpio Pinchers & Pliers Pinchers With Pliers
LP Black Scorpio (7596/7597) General Tree Negril
LP Black Scorpio (BSCLP-004) Little John Worries & Trouble
LP Blue Mountain (BMLP-023) Frankie Paul Reaching Out
LP Blue Mountain (BMLP-027) Various 14 Bites Of Bun & Cheese
LP Blue Trac (BTRLP-001) Pinchers Can't Take The Pressure
LP Blue Trac (BTRLP-006) Trevor Sparks Sparks
LP C&E (CED-110) Michael Prophet Loving You
LP Charm (CRLP-3) Sanchez In Fine Style
LP Cohiba (162 221 100-1) Junior Reid Long Road
LP Crat Productions (CRAT-22) Major Mackerel Nuh Run Dun Man
LP Crat Productions (LP-0002) Chuck Turner Them Trying To Conquer I
LP Cultural Gifts (MIKE-232) Michael Livingston Plain Truth
LP Dennis Star (DSR-1050) Various Dennis Star present Labrish vol.1
LP Digital-B (BW-041) Garnet Silk Give I Strength
LP Digital-B (VPRL-1048) Johnny Osbourne Rougher Than Them
LP Digital-B (VPRL-1077) Pad Anthony Can't Hold Me
LP Dungle Man (DSR-1329/1330) Professor Nuts Tan So Back
LP Elektra (60802-1) Shinehead Unity
LP Elektra (61667-1) Shinehead Triddin'
LP Empire (JJ-192) Various Hypocrite In The Dancehall Style
LP Fashion (FAD-LP-020) Cutty Ranks The Stopper
LP Fashion (FAD-LP-026) Various Heat
LP Germain (DGLP-009) Various Dance Hall Master Vol.2
LP Germain (GLP-003) Various Dance Hall Master
LP Germain (PHLP-2068) Buju Banton Inna Heights
LP Germain (VPRL-1069) Wayne Wonder & Sanchez Wayne Wonder & Sanchez
LP Glory Gold (GG-004) Frankie Paul Love Line
LP Glory Gold (GG-009) Coco Tea Got To Have Love / So She Come
LP Gold Disc (VPRL-1133) Gregory Isaacs No Intension
LP Greensleeves (GREL-117) Various Music Works Showcase 88
LP Greensleeves (GREL-142) Home T, Cocoa Tea & Shabba Ranks Holding On
LP Greensleeves (GREL-165) Frankie Paul Every Nigger Is A Star
LP Greensleeves (GREL-173) Chaka Demus & Pliers Gal Wine Wine Wine
LP Greensleeves (GREL-219) Garnet Silk Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders
LP Greensleeves (GREL-229) J.C. Lodge Operator
LP Harry J (DSR-6440/6441) Lyrical Market Session
LP Ital International (IILP-001) Various Ital International presents Various Artists Vol.1
LP Jamaazima (JLP-002) U.U. Maddoo Teenager In Love
LP Jammy$ Lieutenant Stitchie Wear Yu Size
LP Jammy$ (1878/1879) Admiral Bailey Undisputed
LP Jammy$ (4817/5182) Admiral Bailey Born Champion
LP Jammy$ (DSR-4205/4206) Shabba Ranks & Chaka Demus Rough & Rugged
LP Jammy$ (DSR-5180/5267) Various Sleng Teng Extravaganza - 1985 Master Mega Hits volume 2
LP Jammy$ (DSR-5406/5407) Johnny Osbourne Rub-A-Dub Soldier
LP Jammy$ (DSR-6187/6188) Johnny Osbourne Rub-A-Dub Soldier
LP Jammy$ (DSR-6856/6857) Various Reggae Explosion Vol.1
LP Jammy$ (DSR-6934/6935) Various Further East Vol.1
LP Jammy$ (DSR-7003) Home T No Time To Waste
LP Jammy$ (DSR-7539/7540) Coco Tea Come Again
LP Jammy$ (DSR-8594/8457) Various Double Twin Spin Vol.1
LP Jammy$ (DSR-8765/8713) Echo Minott What The Hell
LP Jammy$ (DSR-9558/9559) Pinchers Agony
LP Jammy$ (GREL-80) Dennis Brown Slow Down
LP Jammy$ (J-008) Dominick Ready For Dominick
LP Jammy$ (JAMLP-10) Coco Tea I Am The Toughest
LP Jammy$ (JMFLP-001) Various Mad Dem Wid It Carolina!!!
LP Jammy$ (JMLP-01) Gregory Peck Lyrics Factory
LP Jammy$ (VPRL-1055) Frankie Paul Live And Love
LP Justice (JUSLP-05) Various More Ideas 1988
LP Kangal (RMM-944) Various Extra Fresh vol.1
LP Live & Learn (LLLP-031) Beres Hammond & Barrington Levy Live & Learn presents Beres Hammond & Barrington Levy
LP Live & Love (LALP-003) Little John Clarks Booty
LP Live & Love (LALP-005) Various Five The Hard Way - DJ Clash '86
LP Live & Love (LALP-012) Various Prince Jammy Presents Vol.3
LP Live & Love (LALP-13) Pinchers Got To Be Me
LP Live & Love (LALP-18) Admiral Tibett Come Into The Light
LP Live & Love (LALP-23) Frankie Paul Cassanova
LP LMS David Madden Reggae Trumpetaa
LP Mad House / Xtra Large Productions (MHXLLP-2038) Various 2 Bad Riddims
LP Mango (ILPS-9893) Dominick Ready For Dominick
LP Mango (MLPS-9815) Cultural Roots Running Back To Me
LP Mixing Lab (MLLP-002) Thriller U On And On
LP Mixing Lab (MLLP-003) Various Mixing Lab Showcase Vol.2
LP Moodies (M.R.LP.1004) Frankie Paul Give Me That Feeling
LP Music Master (DSR-3291/3292) Various Music Master presents Top 10
LP Music Of Life (ASHER-1) Asher D & Daddy Freddy Ragamuffin Hip-Hop
LP New Name Muzik Tommy Trouble Tommy Trouble
LP Pantomine (LP-56810) Various Green Bay Killing
LP Park Heights (PH-0013) Sluggy Settle Sluggy
LP Penthouse (PHLP-11991) Various Good Fellas
LP Penthouse (PHLP-14) Beres Hammond A Love Affair
LP Penthouse (PHLP-2004) Various Penthouse Dancehall Hits Vol.4
LP Penthouse (VPRL-1095) Wayne Wonder & Sanchez Wayne Wonder & Sanchez
LP Penthouse (VPRL-1153) Cutty Ranks & Tony Rebel Die Hard Part.1
LP Photographer (DSR-9351-9352) Various All Star LP - In A Dance Hall
LP Pick Out (DSR-2794) Courtney Melody I Remember Showcase
LP Powerhouse (DSR-6536/6537) Various Powerhouse presents The Final Mission
LP Powerhouse (DSR-6630) Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty Powerhouse presents Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty
LP Powerhouse (DSR-8618/8619) Various Mission Impossible
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3019) Yellowman Yellow Like Cheese
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3021) Tiger Me Name Tiger
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3027) Frankie Paul Warning
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3209) Various All That Jazzbo
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3214) Various King Jammy vol.3
LP Redman (RED-LP-13) Various Rough Mean Irie - Redman Super Power Vol.1
LP Redman (RMM-1343/1344) Little John Rubber Dub One
LP Redman (VPRL-1034) Frankie Paul Slow Down
LP Rohit (RRTG-7702) General Trees Ragga Ragga Raggamuffin
LP Rohit (RRTG-7774) Frankie Paul Detrimental
LP Rookie (RPLP-2023) Various Rookie Production presents The Mad Professor
LP Skengdon (SKDLP-001) Super Cat Boops!
LP Sky High Tenor Saw Tenor Saw lives On
LP Sky High (0014) Various Sky High & The Mau Mau presents D.J. Jam
LP Sky High (DSR-9014) Sky High & The Mau Mau (Various) African Vengeance
LP Sky High (SHR-LP-1015) Luciano Don't Get Crazy
LP Startone Music (STM-LP-004) Various New Yorker Reggae vol.2
LP Steely & Clevie (VPRL-1052) Tiger Ram Dance Hall
LP Steely & Clevie (VPRL-1180) Frankie Paul The Veteran
LP Steely & Clievie (SCLP-3) Garnet Silk Love Is The Answer
LP Super Power (SPL-101) Various Super Power Pt.1
LP Super Power (SPLP-13) Various Sound Clash '89 - Sound 2
LP Super Power (SPLP-16) Various Super Star Hit Parade vol.7
LP Super Power (SPLP-5) Dean Fraser Big Bad Sax
LP Super Supreme (SUPLP-1) Frankie Paul & Pinchers Turbo Charge
LP Tan Yah (TY-LP-002) Various Hot This Year
LP Tappa (TZLP-002) Tappa Zukie Raggamuffin
LP Taurus (DSR-5476) Various A Salute To King Tubby
LP Taxi (TAX-0160) Sly & Robbie & The Taxi Gang Mambo Taxi
LP Taxi (TAX-0186) Sly & Robbie & Gitsy presents The Sound Of La Trenggae
LP Techniques Courtney Melody Bad Boy
LP Techniques Various Original Stalag 17-18 and 19
LP Techniques (DSR-6416/6417) Various DJ Explosion Ina Dance Hall Style
LP Techniques (TECH-LP-02) Sanchez Loneliness
LP Techniques (TQLP-001) Various Super Fresh
LP Techniques (TQLP-001) Various Super Rock
LP Techniques (WRLP-22) Frankie Paul Love Affair
LP Techniques (WRLP-23) Various Equal Rights
LP Techniques (WRLP-28) Various Original Stalag 20
LP Thunder Bolt Frankie Paul Ripe Mango
LP Time One (TOR-LP-05) Barrington Levy Love The Life You Live
LP Time One (TOR-LP-09) Barrington Levy Divine
LP Two Friends (VPRL-1132) Shabba Ranks Golden Touch
LP Upfront (ULP-001) Various Upfront Vol.1
LP Vena (DSR-8608/8609) Pinchers Lift It Up Again
LP Vista Sounds (VSLP-2003) Various Shank I Sheck Vol.1
LP VP (VP-1198) Frankie Paul Jammin'
LP VP (VPRL-1168) Tiger Ready Fi Dem
LP VP (VPRL-1232) Hopeton Lindo The Word
LP VP (VPRL-1273) Little Kirk Ease The Pain
LP VP (VPRL-1483) Sanchez One In A Million - The Best of Sanchez
LP VP (VPRL-1564) Various Smoke The Herb - The 2nd Pound
LP VP (VPRL-1624) Beres Hamoond Music Is Life
LP W&B (WBLP-003) Various Arabic Production presents Reggae Invasion Vol.1
LP Waterhouse (FMM-772/793) Various Computer Seh So
LP Wild Apache (VPRL-1148) Various Wild Apache Two Rhythm LP Vol.2
LP Wild Apache (WALP-001) Super Cat Sweets For My Sweet
LP Witty (DSR-5488/5489) Tony Tuff Ketch A Fire
LP Witty (MMLP-0018) Junior Wilson Willow
LP World Enterprise (BLP-5) Sugar Minott The Leader For The Pack
LP Xtra Large Productions (VPXLRL-3109) Various Showtime Bashment
LP Youth Promotion (DSR-5892) Various Revenge Of Sleng Teng