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( Last Updated : 2021/11/23 )

Type Label Artist Title 販売価格
10inch Red Arrow (SPV-055-55201) Barrington Levy & Beenie Man Two Sounds 1200
12inch 14 Karat (14-K-004) Sheree Booth / Mikey Jarrett / Patrick Andy Dedicated To The One I Love / Admire Me / Lord-A-Who 1500
12inch 550 Music (46 77970) Patra Pull Up To Bumper 1500
12inch 550 Music (46 78208) Patra Dip & Fall Back / Banana 1500
12inch 9 Lives (NLD-001) Top Cat Over U Body / Rude Boy Mix 2400
12inch African Love Music (ALM-002) Shinehead Good Love Tonight 3800
12inch African Love Music (ALM-003) Shinehead Hello Y'all 2800
12inch Afrodeziac (AP-002) Simpleton / Judas Rastaman Treatment / Love God 1500
12inch Anchor (G-8931) Krystal & Shabba Ranks Steady Man 1800
12inch Anchor (G-8934) Krystal All Around The World 1600
12inch Anchor (G-8941) Shabba Ranks & Lady G Fanciness 1800
12inch Anchor (G-8946) Fabiana / Shabba Ranks Fancy Girl / Deh Pon Me Mind 1800
12inch Anchor (GUSSIE-8909) Lady G Man Dem A Get Tight / Licence Your Hand 1600
12inch Anchor (GUSSIE-8921) Carl Meeks / Admiral Tibett Rude Girl Sandra / Give Us The Opportunity 1500
12inch Ashanties (AL-008) Tony Tuff Mix Me Down / Wey-Dem-A-Go-Do 1400
12inch Ashanties (AL-011) Michael Prophet / Tony Tuff So Many Days / Long Time 1400
12inch Astral (APPI-0001) B.A. Laing Culture 1800
12inch Bada Than Them (BTT-001) Simpleton / Cronicle / Top Cat Warning / Woman Of Samaritan / No Coke Pipe 2000
12inch Bam Bam (S-001) Frankie Paul / Bobby Harrison Rock Tonight / Lonely Stranger 2000
12inch Bare Back (PC-1002) Robert French Peace Officer 1800
12inch Barry U / Living Room (BU-023) George Nooks General 3800
12inch Bebo (BB-78) Carlton Livingston / Yellowman Lonely Man / Ribit 1800
12inch Bebo (BB-90) Sammy Dread Walk Away From Me / Come A Long Way 1200
12inch Bee Cat (BCR-26) Derrick Parker Don't You Try 1200
12inch Bee Cat (BCR-31) Derrick Parker First Time 1000
12inch Bee Cat (BKA-005) Trevor Flowers & Iheka-Chama Should I / Choice Of Color 3500
12inch Big Ship (BST-13) Luciano Shake It Up Tonight 2400
12inch Black Culture (BCB-9867) Devon Linton Touch Mi Ya 2000
12inch Black Joy (DH-834) Echo Minott / Hugh Hugh Madoo Bubbling She Want / Under The Board Warf 1800
12inch Black Market International (BMIT-019) C.J. Lewis Everything's Alright / Human Nature 1200
12inch Black Roots (BR-001) Sugar Minott & Tony Tuff Style & Fashion 4500
12inch Black Roots (CPR-0382) Sugar Minott Is It True 2000
12inch Black Scorpio (BS-12-11010) Tony Tuff / King Kong You Have To Rock / Eden A Come 1800
12inch Black Scorpio (BSCDIS-005) King Kong / Phillip Frazer Niceness / What Loce Can Do 1500
12inch Black Scorpio (DR-9008) General Tree So So / Nana ~ Moonus 1200
12inch Black Scorpio (DSR-11873) Bunny Rugs / Spanner Banner War War / Love Takes Time 1400
12inch Black Scorpio (DSR-11877) Capleton & Bobby Zarro Dem Gun 2000
12inch Black Scorpio (DSR-5576/5577) General Trees Mini Bus / Leggo Me Queen 1200
12inch Black Scorpio (VPRD-278) Yellowman Don't Bun It Down 2400
12inch Black Scorpio (VPRD-348) Johnny Osbourne The Rain 1800
12inch Black Solidarity (B.S.I.-11) Little John / King Kong The Juggling / Have Some Approach 2000
12inch Black Solidarity (BSI-12) Gregory Peck Cuss & Quarrel / Watch Your Friend 1200
12inch Black Solidarity (DSR-11876) Papa San Mix Up 1000
12inch Black Starline (002) Freddie McGregor Oh Marcus 1500
12inch Black Victory (ADM-0071) Tenor Saw Victory Train 5800
12inch Black & White (DSR-4490) Sugar Minott All Kind Of People 1500
12inch Blacker Dread (BD-002) Jah Screechy Walk & Skank 3500
12inch Blacker Dread (BDTL-04) Top Cat & Frankie Paul / Johnny Osbourne Hwaling Of The Nation / Stop The War 1800
12inch Blacker Dread (BDXT-9308) Beres Hammons / Nadine Sweetness Show It Off / It's Alright 1800
12inch Blacker Dread (SCOM-BD-021) Frankie Paul / Earl Sixteen No Touch Me Stylee / Livestock 1500
12inch -Blank- (DSR-8368) Half Pint & Junior Delgado I Want Your Love 1200
12inch -Blank- (SCT-33) Junior Tucker When I Fall In Love 1800
12inch Blue Mountain (BM-012) Barrington Levy Young, Free & Single 1600
12inch Blue Mountain (BMD-040) Ninja Man & Robert French / Johnny Lee Stumbling Block / Sixteen 1500
12inch Blue Mountain (BMD-055) Clement Irie & Robert French Bun & Cheese 2000
12inch Blue Mountain (BMD-057) Cocoa Tea / Shabba Ranks Tell Me When / Best Bust 1400
12inch Blue Trac (BMD-026) Dennis Brown & Fabiana Loving Feeling 1400
12inch Blue Trac (BMD-035) Joseph Hill & Cluture Crock In New York / I'm Worried 1500
12inch Blue Trac (BTR-002) Frankie Paul / Frankie Jones Chatte Chatte / She Is The Girl 1200
12inch Blue Trac (BTR-009) Tyrone Taylor / Al Campbell Take Your Time / Girl You're Mine 1200
12inch Blue Trac (BTRD-030) Trevor Sparks Roses Are Red 1200
12inch Blue Trac (BTRD-031) Frankie Paul & Trevor Sparks Sleepless Weekend 2000
12inch Bowl (BL-001) Nitty Gritty Lick Him Kill Him 3800
12inch Bravel (BR-3467) Lester Gale Wild Wild West 1200
12inch BTR (005) Mo Ja / Phillip Frazer Foreign Mine / Running Around 1200
12inch BTR (007) Sugar Minott Up On The Level 1500
12inch BTR (018) Triston Palma / Michael Robinson Trash & Ready / Look In My Eyes 1600
12inch Bubblin' (12BUBB-4) Aswad Warrior Charging (Jungle Mixes) 2000
12inch Buffalo (BMP-003) White Mice Maniac 1800
12inch Bum Rock Ltd. (BUM-004) Wayne Palmer Ready Fi She 1200
12inch C&E (CED-119) June Fox / Pioneers Frankie / Come Down 1000
12inch Cadi (CD-001) Frankie Paul Little Walter 2500
12inch Capri Music (JKCR-DISCO-6981) Triston Palmer / Jah Thomas & Ranking Toyan Entertainment / Strictly Rub A Dub 2800
12inch Carron (BW-12) Horace Andy & Major Scorpion Handle Me Rough 2400
12inch Carron (BW-213) Tiger & Doctor C / Culture Tonic Ebony Ivory / Slackness Deadout 1600
12inch Carron (BW-380) Horace Andy / Lady Shine / Klee Tastey Love / Fresh / Family 2000
12inch Carron (BW-940) The Stewart Bros. / Toyan Dancing Time / London Posse 1200
12inch CBS (TA-4241) Yellowman Strong Me Strong 2500
12inch Chaos (42 77111) Tiger Nobody Move 1200
12inch Charm (CRT-1) Dennis Brown & Leroy Smart All For One 1400
12inch Charm (CRT-255) Kashief Lindo Killing Me Softly 1200
12inch Charm (CRT-3526) Beenie Man ft. Tony Curtis & ARP / LUST Missing You / Sweetness Of Your Love 1500
12inch Charm (CRT-8) Dennis Brown Stop Fighting (So Early In The Morning) 2000
12inch Chief Of Staff Inc. (CS-001) Patrick Andy / Bammy Man Your Love / Love Me Have Fe Get 1200
12inch Claypot (CP-001) Luie Lepkie Mind Your Business / Dance Down A Ochie 1800
12inch Claypot (CP-002) Nicodemus Wake Up Little Suzie 2400
12inch Claypot (CP-005) General Gully ~ Nicodemus Honey Honey 2400
12inch Claypot (CP-006) Little Thunder Gun Man / Pass The Chalice 2800
12inch Claypot (CP-009) Luie Rankin Dance A Fe Ram / Up & Down 1800
12inch Columbia (44 77374) Jamal-Ski Jump, Spread Out 2000
12inch Columbia (44 77602) Ini Kamoze Here Comes The Hotstepper 1800
12inch Columbia (661255-6) Super Cat My Girl Josephine 1200
12inch Columbia (C2S-7265) Super Cat The Struggle Continues - plus : Bonus Maxi-Remix Album 2800
12inch Conqueror (CON-004) The Honorable False Hair 1200
12inch Copasetic (COPLP-002) Saint & Campbell Time On The Move 1200
12inch Corner Stone (VPRD-246) Tony Tuff Got To Be Careful 1500
12inch Crat Productions (CRAT-1014) Pad Anthony Rock On / We Rule Thins 1800
12inch Crat Productions (CRAT-24) Chuck Turner / Nardo Ranks Two Hearts / Thiefing Boy 2000
12inch Crat Productions (CRAT-25) Chuck Turner / Waynie Wonder We Run Things / Diana 1800
12inch Crystal (CR-001) Junior Delgado Run Come 3800
12inch Darace Music (DML-5845) 7th Extension ~ Ranking Devon Hard Times ~ All Nation Have To Bow 2600
12inch Delicious Vinyl (7567-95935-0/A8305T) Born Jamericans Boom Shack A-Tack 2400
12inch Dennis Star Plyers Sweet Sherene 2000
12inch Digital English (DE-005) Trevor Sparks / Night Rider If You Need Me Girl / Fun Time Deh Yah 2000
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-407) Thriller U Baby I Love You 1000
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-408) Hopeton Lindo Gang War 2800
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-5164) Terror Fabulous Can't Do Without You / Rude Boy 1000
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-567) Shabba Ranks / Ricky Stereo Roots & Culture / Write Mi Will 1400
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-578) Wayne Wonder Eternal Flame 1200
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-885) General T.K. / Anthony Malvo Bad Business / Can't You Stop The Rain 1400
12inch Digital-B (VPRD-948) Beres Hammond Double Trouble 1000
12inch Don One (DO-17) Sugar Minott Ting A Ling 1200
12inch Don Sebastian (DSR-003) Jim Irie / Fire Fox Wild African / Hypocrite 1000
12inch Dope On Plastic (VPRD-5546) Rayvon Pretty "Before I Got To Bed" 1200
12inch Dragon (VPRD-558) Red Dragon / George Harris Ku-Klung-Klung / All Out Of Love 1600
12inch Dragon (VPRD-558) Red Dragon / George Harris Ku-Klung-Klung / All Out Of Love 2000
12inch Dub Irator (JW-004) Barrington Levy Moonlight Lover 2400
12inch Dub-Tone-Muzik (DT-008) Talent Watch This Sound 2000
12inch Dub-Tone-Muzik (DT-009) Horace Andy Slacky Tidy 1600
12inch EAD (ADS-003) Casseyman / Clarence Parkes Hell-A-Pop / A Little Of Your Loving 6800
12inch EAD (GEM-0015) Philip Fraser / Caroline Chung Goodbye / Come In 1600
12inch Eastwest (0-66129) Worl-A-Girl No Woman No Cry 1200
12inch Eastwest (0-66170) Shaka As-Salaam-Alaikum 1200
12inch Eastwest (0-96027) Snow Runway / Ease Up 1200
12inch Eastwest (D-66107) Snow Anything For You / Sexy Girl 1500
12inch Eastwest (DMD-2040) Terror Fabulous Gangster's Anthem 1200
12inch Eastwest (DMD-2119) Terror Fabulous Action / No Ride 1200
12inch Eclipse (HCF-1006-12) Scion Success / Manifest Jah Light Shining / Top Form 1200
12inch Eclipse (HCF-1007-112) Sammy Levi Come Off The Road / You Want To Love Me 4500
12inch Eclipse (HCF-1019-12) Cocoa Tea & Major Danger Proud To Be A Black 1600
12inch Eclipse (HCF-1021-12) Sammy Levi Five Pound Box Od Dubs 1800
12inch Eglinton & Oakwood (DML-58011) Madoo & General Echo Coming From Town / Sister Sue 2400
12inch Elektra Entertainment (0-66287) Red Fox Dem A Murderer / Born Again Black Man 1200
12inch Elektra Entertainment (0-66339) Shinehead Jamaican In New York 1500
12inch Elektra Entertainment (0-66392) Shinehead Try My Love / The Pen / Let Them In 1800
12inch Elektra Entertainment (ED-5638) Shinehead Jamaican In New York 1500
12inch Elektra Entertainment (EKR-81) Shinehead Chain Gang - Rap 1500
12inch Empire (JJ-198) Sugar Minott / Tony Asha John Boops / Riding East 1200
12inch English International (DE-001) Bugsy / Meeko Ranks Stop Your Fussin / Enegtic 1500
12inch Entertainment (2313) Mellow Yellow & Fathead That's The Sound 3800
12inch Epic (660862 6) Patra ft. Yo-Yo Romantic Call 1200
12inch Epic Street (49 77717) Vicious Nika 1800
12inch Ethiopian Taste (ET-001) Johnny Osbourne & Derrick Irie Bible In Hand 1500
12inch Exterminator (EXT-26) Sanchez & Cutty Ranks Legal Thief 2800
12inch Exterminator (EXT-52) Luciano & Mutabaruka / Sizzla Psalms 24 / True God 1800
12inch Exterminator (VPRD-5096) Little John / Yammie Bolo Blood Ina Mi Eye / Ease Up The Pressure 1800
12inch Exterminator (VPRD-5342) Cocoa Tea / Cocoa Tea & Papa San Miss Good Looking / Woman Nuh Stop 1200
12inch Exterminator (VPRD-625) Capleton Bumbo Red 1600
12inch Fashion (FAD-020) Smiley Culture Cockney Translation / Slam Bam 2000
12inch Fashion (FAD-036) Horace Andy Gateman 2500
12inch Fashion (FAD-041) Horace Andy Hypocrites 1800
12inch Fashion (FAD-050) Little John Mud Up 2800
12inch Fashion (FAD-061) Frankie Paul Little Water 1000
12inch Fashion (FAD-101) Poison Chang Love The Woman (The Power) / Whe Ya Batty Deh 1400
12inch Fashion (FAD-101) Posion Chang Love The Woman (The Power) / Whe Ya Batty Deh 2400
12inch Fast Lane (SGLWDT-002) Junie Ranks Want Mi Stripe 1000
12inch Fingers (TD-008) Chester Miller / Collie Minott Fuss & Fight / Hungry A Go Round 2800
12inch Fire House Crew (VPRD-5532) Lukie D I Swear 1600
12inch Firehouse (DJ-006) King Kong / Anthony Red Rose Step On My Corn / Fat Thing 3800
12inch Firehouse (FH-001) King Kong Babylon / Good Fe Nutting 8800
12inch Firehouse (FH-004) Red Rose / Sassafras Pum Pum / Bum U Saddle 1400
12inch Firehouse (FH-007) Lewie Culture & Wayne Ranks / Dan Angilo Rat A Badda Me / Sarjeant Rock 1200
12inch Firehouse (FH-039) Gregory Isaacs & Johnny Osbourne / Little John Hard Core / Baddest Dance Singer 2400
12inch Firehouse (PM-015) Lilly Melody Jealousy / Pressure Me 1400
12inch Firehouse (PM-023) Trevor Levy / John Wayne Come Follow Me / Friend Them Mate 3000
12inch Firehouse (PM-024) Lloyd Hemmings / Trevor Levy Rude Boy / Key Card 2000
12inch Firehouse (PM-030) Lilly Melody How You Pretty So / Nine 1800
12inch Flames (FB-8077) Frankie Paul Take My Love 1200
12inch Fox Taik (FT-003) Chaka Demus & Pliers Pretty Robber 1000
12inch France (FRP-001) Derrick Parker / Johnny P Cool It Off / Stamina 2400
12inch Gator (54319-1014-1) Third World Reggae Party 2800
12inch Gems (GM-002) Andy Williams / Dickey Ranking Dancing Machine / Working For The Money 1200
12inch Germain (DG-41985) Gregory Isaacs & Dennis Brown Let Off Sup-m 3500
12inch Germain (DGT-34) Leroy Gibbons Day Ho 1200
12inch Germain (DGT-42) Sanchez One In A Million 3500
12inch Germain / Revolutionary Sounds (DG-91985) Johnny Osbourne Rock-A-Dub 2800
12inch Germain / Revolutionary Sounds (DG7-1985) Audrey Hall One Dance Won't Do
12inch Ghetto Vibes (VPRD-5360) Bounty Killer / Determine Not Another Word / Never Did A Listen 1600
12inch Ghetto Vibes (VPRD-5393) Bounty Killer / Boom Dandmite Kill Or Be Killed / Mass Murdering 1200
12inch Ghetto Vibes (VPRD-5644) Bounty Killer / Elephant Man Suspense / Callalpp Bed 800
12inch Glory Gold (GG-0025) Bally Legend & Shawn Tyson Want To Marry Me 2000
12inch Gold Disc (VPRD-630) Reggie Stepper & Super Beagle Whining Skill 1400
12inch Gold Disc (VPRD-767) Cutty Ranks / Pliers Money Talk / Love Will Lead You Back 2000
12inch Gold Disc (WRT-911) Reggie Stepper Kimbo King 1500
12inch Grade One (G-O-0024) Johnny Ringo / Lilly Melody / Roland Alphonso High Way Robbery / All Night Long / Team Song 3800
12inch Grade One (GO-010) Shoamari & Wayne Jarrett / Michael Prophet Me A Youth Man / Gun Man 2800
12inch Grade One (GO-014) Philip Frazer Siren / Blood Of The Saints 1500
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-108) Fat Head It's Me / Wha Dat 1600
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-119) Yellowman Zungguzungguguzungguzeng / Who Can Make The Dance Ram? 2400
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-147) Frankie Paul Pass The Tu-Sheng-Peng / War In The Dance 2000
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-150) Barry Brown / Charlie Chaplin Belly Move / International Robbery / Why The World Stay So 1800
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-156) Larry & Alvin / Tetrack Throw Me Corn / Tribal Warriors 2400
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-158) Johnny Osbourne / Frankie Paul Rewind / Foreign Mind 2800
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-159) Half Pint One In A Million / Give Me Some Loving 2000
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-161) Puddy Roots / Hugh Hugh Madoo King Discotheque / Gone Me Gone 3800
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-167) Dennis Brown / Pad Anthony It's Magic / Crazy Love 1500
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-168) Johnny Osbourne / Wayne Smith In The Area / Saying Goodbye 3500
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-169) Wayne Smith / Michael Buckley Under Me Sleng Teng / Dance Gate 3500
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-172) Patrick Andy / Tonto Irie Sting Me A Sting, Shock Me A Shock / Every Posse Get Ready 2000
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-183) Wayne Smith / Tonto Irie Ickie All Over / Life Story 3800
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-187) Nitty Gritty Hog In A Minty / Run Down The World 2400
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-194) Frankie Paul Keep On Dancing 1200
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-196) Beres Hammond She Loves Me Now 1500
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-198) King Kong Legal / Mix Up 1800
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-203) Freddie McGregor Miserable Woman
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-208) Johnny Osbourne / Cocoa Tea Dub Plate Playing / Cocoa Tea Medley 4800
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-303) Cocoa Tea Ruling Cowboy 1200
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-305) Home T / Hopeton Lindo Who Is He / Taking Over 1000
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-315) Mighty Diamonds Mr. Bodyguard 2400
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-318) Home T, Cooca Tea & Cutty Ranks Another One For The Road 2400
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-445) Bounty Killer Down In The Ghetto 1400
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-446) Dawn Penn & Bounty Killer You Don't Love Me / No No No (World A Respect) 1200
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-5001) Barrington Levy & Beenie Man Under Mi Sensi 2800
12inch Greensleeves (GRED-75) Nicodemus / Leroy Smart Bone Man Conenction / All Of My Love 2400
12inch Greensleeves (GREL-173) Michael Prophet Bubble Down Bubble Down / Touch Me Back 1800
12inch GT's (GT-002) Tippa Irie Sentimentl Lover / Lickshot For Me 1500
12inch Guiding Star (DW-2000) Jah Star Music Freak 9800
12inch Gussie P (GP-030) Chucky Star Evilous System 1000
12inch Gyasi (GA-044) Mikey Jarett & Pat Excell Some One Loves You Honey 3800
12inch Gyasi (GA-090) Verde Green & Donna V Twilight Zone 3500
12inch Gyasi (GA-122) Tomahawk & Shani / Fidel Mr. D.J. / Can't Hold Me 1000
12inch Hamma (TT912-82) Trevor Trees Get Up / I Love You Jah 8800
12inch Harmony House (VPRD-6257) Beres Hammond Always Be There 1400
12inch Hawkeye (HD-61) Little John Do Mama 3500
12inch Heart Beat (RTM-001) Sammy Dread, Peter Rankin & Papa Lucky Motherless Children 2200
12inch High Power (HPD-0011) Yami Bolo / Little John Jah Jah Made Them All / Run For Cover 1500
12inch High Power (HPD-021) Janet Kenton ft. Daddy Freddie Girl With The Golden Touch 1800
12inch High Power (HPD-024) Michael Prophet feat. Daddy Freddie Hypocrite 4800
12inch High Power (HPD-027) Deborahe Glasgow You're Sweeter 1500
12inch Hitbound Pad Anthony Champion Bubbler 2400
12inch Holt (H-385-007) John Holt Private Doctor 2000
12inch Hot Stepper (DP-002) Derrick Parker Sound Boy Die 9800
12inch Hutch Music (HM-006) John Holt / Ricky Stereo Saving My Love / D.J. Jingle 2000
12inch I 95 / Park Heights (PHD-010) Fred Locks A Place Called Africa / Money Can't Buy Love 1500
12inch Ikus (CL-03) Sugar Minott No Wicked 6800
12inch Intelitec Muzik (CMC-006) White Mice True Love 2400
12inch International English (I.E.-013) Courtney English ft. Chukie Star Try Me 1200
12inch Island Jamaica (162-537 874-1) Beenie Man & Luciano Crazy Baldheads 1200
12inch J&W (039) Junior Brammer All Time Bathelor 1800
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-104) Yellowman & Fathead Rub A Dub Play / Hold On To Your Woman 2000
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-119) Sugar Minott / Trevor Ranking Harbor Shark / Some A Halla 1800
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-121) Cornell Campbell / Tony Tuff You Are My Lady / Come We Come Fi Mash It 2000
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-126) Tiger / Color Man Love Line / Rebel Cricketer 1800
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-138) Ken Boothe / Toyan You Say You Love Me / Calypso Calypso 2000
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-72) Nicodemus / Michigan & Smiley Bone Man Conenction / Disease 1200
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-74) Linval Thompson / Nicodemus Holding On To Your Girlfriend / Wife & Sweetheart 2000
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-90) Michigan & Smiley Come When Jah Call You / Ghetto Man 1800
12inch Jah Guidance (VPRD-98) Yellowman & Fathead I'm Getting Divorced / Natty Dread Thing 2000
12inch Jah Jah International (PR-726) Leroy Gibbons / Rev. Badoo What's The Name Of The Sound / Cocaine Tek Over 1800
12inch Jah Life / Bomb (JL-040) Nitty Gritty Gimme Some Your Something / My Special Girl 3500
12inch Jah Life (JL-008) Barrington Levy Murderer / Tell Them A Ready 1800
12inch Jah Life (JL-024) Scion Sashay Success Can't Leave Jah Alone / Dancehall Queen 1800
12inch Jah Life (JL-032) Carlton Livingston, Leroy Smart, Sammy Dread, Michael Prophet & Scion Success / Leroy Smart Super Star Mix / One For The Money 1600
12inch Jah Life (JL-034) Barrington Levy Collie Weed 3500
12inch Jah Life (JL-036) Mikey Melody / Boogsie Jahmalla Under Mi Fat Thing / Reggae Music 1500
12inch Jah Life (JLT-1012) Mikey General Cowboy Life / A Sound Gonna Die In The Dance Tonite 1800
12inch Jah Life (JLT-102) Capleton / Chicken Hawk Number 1 Pon The Look / Hawk De Pon The Mike 1600
12inch Jah Life (JLT-1025) Terrence Smith, Cassete & Tape / Carlton Livingston V.I.B. / Wicked Can't Run Away 3800
12inch Jah Life Time (JLM-004) Sister Carol Jah Disciple 1500
12inch Jah Name (DSR-21683/21684) Cassey Man Jah Works 3500
12inch Jah Records (JRW-002) Papa Levi Millitantcy / Baby Mother 2400
12inch Jah Tubbys (JT-21) Captain Leafie & The Off Beat Posse Love Is A Thing 1200
12inch Jah Tubbys (JT-22) Dixie Peach & The Off Beat Posse Love Is A Thing 1500
12inch Jam Can (PH-002) Little John / Thriller True Confession / This Old Man 2800
12inch Jam Can (PH-005) Thriller Super Dooper / Model Pon Me 1400
12inch Jamafra (JAM-003) Don Camilo Run Come / Youthman / Kill Demm All 1880
12inch Jammy$ Admiral Tibett Big Belly Man / Horse Tonic 3500
12inch Jammy$ (DSR-5403) Tenor Saw / Echo Minott Punpkin Belly / Original Fat Thing 1800
12inch Jammy$ (DSR-8792) Johnny Osbourne / Chuck Turner On The Right Track / I Need You 1500
12inch Jammy$ (HD/JAM-011) Shaka Demus Mini Mini / Dem Body Good 2000
12inch Jammy$ (HD/JAM-014) Pinchers / Tony Tuff The First Time I Saw You / Make It With You 1000
12inch Jammy$ (HD/JAM-021) Blacka Ranks & Alton Black / Blacka Ranks A Gal A Watch You / Good Hole Chart 2000
12inch Jammy$ (JAM-003) Al Campbell / Tonto Irie Hold Your Corner / Jammy's Posse 2400
12inch Jammy$ (JRD-035) Admiral Tibett Poor Freddy 1800
12inch Jammy$ (PJADIS-001) Nitty Gritty Original Banga Rang 1500
12inch Jammy$ (PJADIS-003) Gregory Isaacs Every Thursday Night 2000
12inch Jammy$ (PJADIS-006) Johnny Osbourne Fire Fire 1600
12inch Jammy$ (PJADIS-11) Eccleton Jarrett / Phillip Frazer Rock Them One By One / Lost And Found 5800
12inch Jammy$ (VPRD-281) Leroy Gibbon This Magic Moment 1200
12inch Jammy$ (VPRD-323) Flourgon & Daddy Lizard Jump, Spread Out 1600
12inch Jammy$ (VPRD-338) Cocoa Tea / Dean Frazer Big Bad Girl / Lonesome Horn 1600
12inch Jammy$ (VPRD-411) Frankie Paul Be Mine Tonight 2400
12inch Jammy$ (VPRT-092) Major Mackerell / Aurdie Culture Look How You Maaga / Rude Boy Company 1400
12inch Jedi / Hitbound (JJ-172) Junior Reid / Horace Ferguson Hip, Hip, Hurray / Fever 4800
12inch Joe G's (JG-D-014) Carleen & Prento Youth / Carleen Miss Short A Nut'n / Mr. Big Stuff 1200
12inch Joe Gibbs Music (JGM-8184) Robert Ffrench The Girl Now A Days 4800
12inch Jstar (JS-014) Jstar Most Wanted vol.2 1/2 3500
12inch Juanita Courtney Melody / Christopher St. Louis Kill A Sound / Love Is The Way 1800
12inch Jungle Royalty (JR-1001) Sugar Minott / Baby Whitey Do You Really Love Me / Rent-A-Dread 8800
12inch Justice (JUD-77) John Mouse & Jr. Cat / Little Twitch One Minute Loving / Dollar A Do It 1200
12inch Justice (JUDIS-42) J. Gender & Cocoa Tea Girl In My Dreams 1400
12inch Justice (JUDIS-47) Super Cat Boops / Cry For The Youth 1500
12inch Jwyanza (J-24) Brigadier Jerry Jah Jah You ~ Pain 2400
12inch Kaya (003) Tony Tuff Mix Me Down / Wa-Swm-A-Go-Do 1600
12inch Kaya (JLT-1001) Papa San Talk Backways 2400
12inch Keeling (KRV-122) Tony Tuff / Color Man Ain't No Stopping Us / Under Mi Bible 1800
12inch Kesta (DSR-8682/8683) Little Meeky / Little Meeky & Daddy Meeky Licky Licky / Mandera Free 1200
12inch Kicker's Productions Inc. (K-3-81955) Flourgan Come-Mek-We-Go-Dweet 3500
12inch King Culture (KC-747) Howie Smart / Mighty Diamonds Chu Wa Wa / Knowledge 2400
12inch King Culture (NSML-002) Howie Smart Tune In / On The Phone 2000
12inch King Kong (KK-293) King Kong / Vickey Nelson Once Upon A Time / Let's Make A Deal 2000
12inch King Stereo (KS-001) Frankie Paul / Hero Culture Call Me Crazy / Hell In A Town 1800
12inch Kings Crown (DSR-7041) Tiger No Puppy Love 1400
12inch Kingston 11 (VPRD-5189) Ninja Man & Bounty Killer Badman A No Cub Scout 1400
12inch Kingston 11 (VPRD-5230) Josey Wales / Terry Ganzie Dem Ah Fool / Pon Guard 800
12inch L&T (LT-001) Admiral Tibet / Earry G Let Me Go / Rental 1200
12inch Libra (NV-009) Neville Valentine / Peter Metro Them Can't Test Me / The Original No Put It De 1400
12inch Libra (NV-012) Roman Stewart & Angel Hoyte / Neville Valentine Rice 'n' Peas / Jango 4800
12inch Linwood (AAB-001) Pinchers / Coolie Young Fresh & Green / You And Me Baby 2800
12inch Live & Learn (LL-117) Michael Prophet Trouble Me / Easy Man 1000
12inch Live & Learn (LL-121) Dennis Brown Hold Tight / When Spring Is Around 2000
12inch Live & Love (LLD-103) Cocoa Tea, Home T 4 & Shabba Ranks Who She Love 1400
12inch Live & Love (LLD-110) Johnny Osbourne Them A h Terrorist 1200
12inch Live & Love (LLD-113) Gregory Isaacs Steal A Little Love 3000
12inch Live & Love (LLD-113) Nitty Gritty / Hopeton James Letting Off Steam / Sure Shot Medley 1600
12inch Live & Love (LLD-116) Chuck Turner / Al Campbell Ah No Me She Love / You Bring Me Joy 4800
12inch Live & Love (LLD-122) Major Mackerel / Thriller U Sorry For Botah / I've Been Sitting 1200
12inch Live & Love (LLD-125) Michigan / Dicky Ranking Rapture Of Love / We Gonna Find You 1500
12inch Live & Love (LLD-126) Leslie Thunder / Junior Tamlin Follow Me To The Session / Behind The Wall 1200
12inch Live & Love (LLD-128) Sanchez Sorry 1400
12inch Live & Love (LLD-131) Admiral Bailey / Joys Boom Youth / Crystal Blue Persuation 2500
12inch Live & Love (LLD-304) Superman & Spiderman / Scotty Lord A Who / Concrete Castle Queen 1600
12inch Live & Love (LLD-45) Parker B / Horace Andy Can't Tie Me / Come In A This 1800
12inch Live & Love (LLD-46) Frankie Paul / Cultural Roots Sara / Running Back To Me 2800
12inch Live & Love (LLD-50) Pinchers Loving That You Want 1600
12inch Live & Love (LLD-51) Tiger / Nana McLean Bam Bam / Single Girl 1200
12inch Live & Love (LLD-54) Johnny Osbourne / Hugo Barrington Greatest Lover / Lover's Rock Is Back 1400
12inch Live & Love (LLD-56) Frankie Paul Posse Run Come / Game Of Love 1600
12inch Live & Love (LLD-60) Home T. Four / Little John Just Can't Get Enough / Discuss Them Man 1500
12inch Live & Love (LLD-82) Frankie Paul / Major Worries Come On Girl / Done Now 1600
12inch Live & Love (LLD-84) Robert Lee / Devon Linton Love Me Stylee / Jah Look At You 4500
12inch Live & Love (LLD-86) Horace Andy / Brian & Tony Gold My Baby Knows / Love Always Find A Way 1800
12inch Live & Love (LLD-89) Admiral Bailey No Way No Better Than Yard 2800
12inch Live & Love (LLD-90) Admiral Bailey Della Move 1000
12inch Live & Love (LLD-97) Little Twitch / Astronat Every DJ Want To Burst / Catch & Shub It 3800
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0013) Sugar Minott / Lt. Stitchie You Lick Me First / Insect Kitchen 1200
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0015) Echo Minott What A Hell 1500
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0017) Don Angelo / Super Black Can't Conquer Me / Rambo 2800
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0017) Don Angelo / Super Black Can't Conquer Me / Rambo 2400
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-0030) Little John Yes Mamma 2200
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-033) Cornell Campbell Unfair Game 2000
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-61) Major Mackerell / Al Campbell Pretty Lokks Done / Your Love Change 2400
12inch Live & Love (LLDDIS-63) Leroy Sibbles / Jr. Mervin Need You Beside Me / World Inflation 2000
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0011) Admiral Bailey & Chacka Demus / Don Angelo One Scotch / Reggae Music 2200
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0025) Nitty Gritty / Admiral Bailey So Them Come So Them Go / Chatty Mouth People 1500
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0026) Pad Anthony / Josey Wales & Admiral Bailey One One Coco / Ballot Box 1200
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0027) Pad Anthony Dangerous System 5800
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-0029) Pinchers Agony 1400
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-036) Echo Minott Emmanuel Road 1400
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-40) Horace Andy Must Have To Get It / Girl Of My Dream 3000
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-41) Frankie Paul Cover Your Mouth 1200
12inch Live & Love (LLDIS-47) Mike Brooks She Has Gone / Pay The Price 3800
12inch Londisc (LD-002) Richie Mc / Triston Palmer It's Not What You Say / Come In A De Dance 1800
12inch Love Linch (LL-023) Sammy Dread / Donnavan Smith Dreadlocks Reggae / Mr. Walker 3800
12inch Love People (LPD-007) Carlton Livingston Long Cold Winter 2500
12inch Mad House (MHT-017) Louie Culture Revolution Song 1600
12inch Mad House (MHT-018) Daddy Screw Ghetto Life 1600
12inch Mad Max Fat Jaw (MJD-02) Foxy Brown & Tuffie / Tuffest Nuh Worry & Fret / Laba Laba 1500
12inch Mango (12MNG-751) Tippa Irie & Peter Spence Girl Of My Best Friend 1800
12inch Mango (12MNG-767) Aswad feat. Sweetie Irie / feat. General Levy Smile / Chat To You / Old Fire Stick (Ragga Version) 2800
12inch Mango (12MNG-785) Clive Brown feat. Joe 90 / Clive Brown Lorraine / Magic 1800
12inch Mango (12MNG-814) Chaka Demus & Pliers Twist & Shout 1500
12inch Massive B (MB-031) Burro Banton / Professor Grizzly Attention / Informer Must Die 2400
12inch Massive B (MB-81) Burro Banton Boom Wa This 1200
12inch Medley Music (MM-101) Tiger Blood Money 1000
12inch Midnight Rock (MR-007) Anthony Johnson Gun Shot 2400
12inch Midnight Rock (VPRD-125) Little John / Elfigo Bacca Say What You're Saying / Dedicated To You 2000
12inch Mini Mart (MMM-0006) Bobo General Ghetto Life 1200
12inch Mister Tipsy (VPRD-189) Al Campbell Trouble In The Dance 1800
12inch Mixing Lab (ML-22) Johnny Clarke / Errol Dunkley I've Been Trying / One Drop 2400
12inch Mixing Lab (VPRD-536) Yellowman / Horace Andy Thief / Eternal Love 1400
12inch Moodies (MR 5-23-54) Hopeton Lindo Sidewalk Traveller 200
12inch Moodies (MR-005) Pad Anthony You Gonna Be Late 1200
12inch Moodies (MR-008) Frankie Paul Sara 1200
12inch Moodies (MR-02) Little John Everything Crash 1200
12inch Moodies (MR-02) Little John Everything Crash 1800
12inch Mr. Doo (MDD-028) Cutty Ranks Stick It Up 1200
12inch Mr. Ho (AI-019) Patrick Andy / Alton Irie Tell Me Who A De Boopsie / Alton A Boopsie 1000
12inch Mr. O Production (AI-002) Sugar Minott Rhythm Matic 1200
12inch Mr. O Production (AI-005) Danny Mangaroo Give A Helping Hand 1200
12inch Mr. O Production (AI-006) Cocoa Tea Down By The Broadwalk 2600
12inch Mr. O Production (AI-010) Christie Love / Squidley Missing You / Dance In Africa 1000
12inch Mr. O Productions (AI-001) Coco Tea Form A Line 1200
12inch Mstriniti Ms. Triniti Ragga Hop 1800
12inch Music Works (G-8917) Admiral Tibett & Shabba Ranks Tell Me Which One 2500
12inch Music Works (G-8929) J.C. Lodge / J.C. Lodge & Shabba Ranks Selfish Lover / Hardcore Loving 1800
12inch Music Works (GUSSIE-8922) Dennis Brown & Cocoa Tea To The Foundation 2000
12inch Musik Street (MS-005) General Levy & Junior Dunn Yu Can't Hurry Love 6800
12inch Musik Street (MS-014) General Levy Can't Wait 1200
12inch Nejeri (N-1825) Maxine Foster Jah Is Ruling 3500
12inch Nnamani Production (NNS-1162) Saphire & Hopeton James Chances Are 2000
12inch No Choice Entertainment (NCE-002) Shinehead Reprimand / Ruff & Rugged 500
12inch Now Generation (NG-006) Bonito Star Can't Buy Me Love 2500
12inch Nu Look (NUL-008) Shabbacan Ting A Ling / Boom By By 1200
12inch Observer Frankie Paul Should I / Desert Eagle 1800
12inch Oneness (DSR-3430) Jimmy Cliff Rub-A-Dub Partner 1800
12inch Original Sounds (OS-016) Frankie Paul & Pinchers / Ricky Chaplin Nutting No Deh / Call The Police 1800
12inch Ossie (OH-017) Johnny Osbourne I'm Moving Up 4800
12inch Ossie (OH-050) Frankie Paul Gal Pickney 1500
12inch Ossie (OH-12) Lionel Craig & Tiger Need To Belong 1500
12inch Ossie (OH-15) Frankie Paul Gal Pickney 1500
12inch Ossie (OH-27) Plyers / Lionel Craig Come In A The Dance / Under Mi Nose 4200
12inch Ottey's Promotion (RMM-454) Frankie Paul & Joe Lick Shot Dance Caan Nice Wid-Out Wi 2500
12inch Papa Roots Int'l (10530) Sugar Minott Maging If 4800
12inch Papa Roots Int'l (10537) Pad Anthony Nothing More 1200
12inch Papa Roots Int'l (PR-10534) Suckafeng ~ Fat Head Fat Girl ~ Secret Admiarer 2000
12inch Parish (6381) King Everald Bad Boy 2600
12inch Parish (VPRD-512) King Everald Sound On Fire 2000
12inch Park Heights (PHD-0066) Sluggy / Sluggy & Night Rider Reunited / Pretty Lady 2000
12inch Park Heights (PHD-0067) Marcus / Tiger & Barry Brown Freedom Walk / Not So Lucky 1200
12inch Passion (PE-6) Michael Prophet & Ricky Tuffy Your Love 3800
12inch Passion (PE-7) Michael Prophet & Ricky Tuffy Get Ready / Your Love (Re-Mix) 3000
12inch Penthouse Beres Hammond Falling In Love Again 1600
12inch Penthouse Tony Rebel Guns & Ammnition 1000
12inch Penthouse Wayne Wonder Missing You 1200
12inch Penthouse (PH-105) Thriller U I'll Do My Best / Sweet Vanessa 1400
12inch Penthouse (PH-12) Scotty & Chaka Demus Bring It To Me 1200
12inch Penthouse (PH-176) Marcia Griffiths Childish Games 1000
12inch Penthouse (PH-70) Wayne Wonder Hold On To Love 1200
12inch Penthouse (PH12-68) Shaka Demus Jump Up 1800
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-11) Wayne Wonder Nothing Compares To You 1000
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-12) Cobra Yush (Bad Boy Talk) 1200
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-17) Wayne Wonder I Believe In Your Love 2000
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-33) Buju Banton Batty Rider 1400
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-35) Thriller U Missing Your Love 1200
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-41) Tiger Crying Fool 1400
12inch Penthouse (PHRI-50) Marcia Griffiths Closer To You 1600
12inch Phill Pratt (PP-0019) Horace Andy Ram Dance Master 2000
12inch Pick Out (PICD-12) Tinga Stewart & Ninja Man / Ninja Man Save The Last Dance For Me / Tell Me 1000
12inch Pick Out (PICK-09) Tinga Stewart & Ninja Man / Super Black Cover Me / Table A Go Turn 1800
12inch Pioneer Muzik (CD-2001) Courtney Melody Girl You Turn Me On 1200
12inch Poncora (DEB-100) Patrick Alley Stormy 2400
12inch Pouyatt International (POTD-05) Johnny Osbourne / Doctor C Peaceful Man / Over The Rainbow 2800
12inch Powerhouse Freddie McGregor Don't Hurt My Feelings 1200
12inch Powerhouse Michael Palmer Lick Shot 1800
12inch Powerhouse (DSR-0520) Junior Delgado Merry Go Round 1500
12inch Powerhouse (DSR-2733) Michale Plamer Lick Shot 2800
12inch Powerhouse (DSR-2735) Sugar Minott Rydim 1500
12inch Powerhouse (DSR-5350) Sanchez Let It Be Me 1200
12inch Powerhouse (DSR-7462) Frankie Paul Alesha / Country Man 1200
12inch Powerhouse (DSR-9194) Barrington Levy / Wayne Scotch Gimmie Your Loving / Nuh Tan Wid Him 2400
12inch Powerhouse (PH-03) Dennis Brown Have You Ever 1800
12inch Powerhouse (VPRD-523) Tiger / Al Campbell Mek Dem Know / Go Before Us 1500
12inch Raiders (LGR-006) Sister Candy Keep Bubbling 2000
12inch Rambo (001) Cocoa Tea President Boatha / Flood Victim 2800
12inch Ranking Joe Universal (RJ-001) Nigger Mikey / Apachie Scratchie My Love A Bubble Up / Midnight Cowboy 1800
12inch Ras (RAS-7063) Junior Reid Listen To The Voices / Grammy 2400
12inch Real Authentic Sound (RAS-7025) Black Uhuru Conquer The Tanker 2400
12inch Real Authentic Sound (RAS-7062) Barrington Levy & Bounty Killer Living Dangerously 1500
12inch Red Man (RED-001) Tippa Ranking Rose Marie (You Shouldn't Lie To Me) 1800
12inch Redman International (RED-3) Frankie Paul F.P. Calibra 1000
12inch Redman International (VPRED-130) Johnny P / Conroy Smith Old Bruck / Run Down Girls 1200
12inch Reggae Rock (777) King David Don't Smoke Coke 1500
12inch Revolutionary Sounds (S&C-001) Leroy Gibbons & Dillinger Bruck Camera 1400
12inch Rhino (RNO-1) DElroy Melody / Tony Zebra School Girl / Walk Foot Man 3800
12inch Ricky Ticky Music (LLR-001) Sluggy Ranks Take The Slug 1200
12inch Rob John (RJD-008) Sugar Minott Hit Man 1500
12inch Rockers Forever (HR-0006) Johnny Osbourne / Wailing Souls If Jah Didn't Love You / Who Fa Say A The Best 2000
12inch Rockers Forever (HR-0013) Junior Reid / Papa Toyan Poor Man Transportation / Walk-A-Ton 3000
12inch Rockers Forever (HR-0018) Roland Burrell / Johnny Osbourne Carnival / We A Go Cork It 4500
12inch Rockers Forever (HR-005) Johnny Osbourne If Jah Didn't Love You 2400
12inch Rockers Forever (HR-025) Horace Andy Get In The Groove 1800
12inch Roof International (VPRD-5504) Jigsy King Give Me The Weed 1000
12inch Rookie (ROOKIE-001) Tenor Saw & Pyceral John Crow / Fire Side Jam 1800
12inch Roots Rockers (RRD-001) Mr. Spaulding Plane Fare / Fantastic 2800
12inch Rose Of Sharon (SW-729) Tinga Stewart & Angel Hoyt In The Mood 1000
12inch Ruddy's Music (RM-008) King Kong Raggamafing Pass / Girl Dem A Come 2400
12inch Rude Boy Kelly (RUDE-4) Cobra Mate A Rebel 1200
12inch Ruff House (44 74780) Jamal-Ski A Piece Of Reality 1000
12inch Ruthless Chris (RC-001) Bagga Worries / Scribba & Millitant / Terrorist Ride De Punany / The Good Design / Oh Me Oh My 1000
12inch Sammy Dread International (703) Sammy Dread One Sunday Morning / Come Back Darling 1500
12inch Sammy Dread International (SD-708) Sammy Dread ~ Billy Boyo Discipline Child ~ Computer Car 1500
12inch Sammy Dread International (SD-712) Sammy Dread & Peter Rankin Dread Locks No Want Bangarang 1200
12inch Saphia (KS-100) Stamina Man & Christian Black Rose 1000
12inch Selection (CAPRI-311183) Johnny Osbourne / U. Brown If You Love The Rubba Dub Say Forward / Chanting Till Morning 1400
12inch Selectors Choice (SC-0001) Scion Sashay Success No Worry Your Mind 1800
12inch Shang (SHG-636102) Shabba Ranks & Leroy Sibbles Sexy 800
12inch Shelly's (SRD-015) Leroy Smart / Junior Demus You Are Leaving / Come Fi Mek Some Money 5800
12inch Shelly's (SRD-030) Nardo Boom / Bobo General, Sleepy Wonder & Nardo Boom El Dandi / My Sound 1500
12inch Shelly's (SRD-41) Roman Stewart & Daddy Rupie War 1000
12inch Sir Coxsone (BD-89005) Frankie Paul / Daddy Freddy 89 Lick Click / Lef People Bizness 2000
12inch Sir Coxsone (BD-8909) Flourgan / Tenorfly Get Up Stand Up & Dance / Roughneck Fashion 2000
12inch Sir Coxsone (BDXT-9312) Top Cat / Nitty Gritty I Love My Sensimela / Hell A Top 2400
12inch Sir Lloyd (LGR-009) Horseman Horsemove (Giddi-Up) 3000
12inch Sir Tommy's (STHF-0004) Anthony Red Rose / Major Black Never, Never / None Stop Juggling 1200
12inch Skengdon (SKD-060) Shaka Demus Young Gal Business 1600
12inch Skengdon (SKDL-024) Earl Sixteen We Rule
12inch Skengdon (SKDL-025) Cocoa Tea Jamaica Sweet 2400
12inch Skengdon (SKDL-030) Dread & The Rhymesters My Stylee 2000
12inch Skengdon (SKDL-041) Tenor Saw Kiss An Angel 2500
12inch Skengdon (SKDL-042) Al Campbell Who Feels It Knows It 1800
12inch Smilegan (SMGN-01) Scotty & Junie Ranks / Chicken Chest Crazy / Fire Fire 2600
12inch Solid Gold (SG-007) Horace Andy Butter Bread 2400
12inch Soul Comb (1121) Mark Anthony Cool & Deadly 1800
12inch Spider Man (SPM-204) Trevor Sparks Riding For A Fall 1000
12inch Spider Ranks (LOV-014) Roger Robin / Papa Levi Blood, Sweat & Tears / Me God, Me King 2000
12inch Star Light (DH-830) Johnny Osbourne / Wayne Smith Water Pumping / Music On My Mind 2800
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-446) Foxy Brown Sorry 1200
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-451) Foxy Brown Fast Car 1000
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-500) Untouchable Chris / Chevell Francis & Lady Patra Cho / Sad Movies 1200
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-5135) Junior Tucker / Don "T" Love Of A Life Time / Man Dead 1000
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-542) Gregory Peck Poco Man Jam 1600
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-543) Richie Stephens Don't Make Me Wait (For Love) 1200
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-605) Ninjaman Murder Them / Program To Kill 800
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-680) Reggie Stepper Rev Out 1500
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-685) Gregory Peck John Public 1200
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-809) Tiger Cool Mi Down 1200
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-811) Papa San / Dirtsman Original Gunman / Dog Heart 1500
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-830) Cocoa Tea Sonia Come Back 1200
12inch Steely & Clevie (VPRD-855) Junior Tucker You Don't Care 1600
12inch Step Sun Music Entertainment Reverend Baddo / Jr. Demus / You A Bad Boy Bop Scuchie 2000
12inch StepSun Music Entertainment (53748-0122-0) Burro Banton Boom Wa Dis 1500
12inch Stereo One (STO-002) Daddy Blue / Eccleton Jarrett Lickie Lickie / Cannot Stop 18000
12inch Stingray (STR-012) Dennis Brown Mr. Brown 1200
12inch Striker Lee (BL-23) Leroy Smart / Peter Metro Girl You Got Me Going / Dance In A Africa 1800
12inch Striker Lee (BLD-5) King Kong Don't Trouble Trouble / AIDS 2400
12inch Striker Lee (FFLD-003) King Kong / Little John Moving On African Border / Hold Up Your Hand 1800
12inch Striker Lee (SLT-003) Tullo T / Derrick Irie The Don / Good Loving 1600
12inch Suffering & Faith King Everald Cowboy Style 3800
12inch Sunset (DSR-5728/5729) Little John Come Back To Me 2800
12inch Super Power (SDP-6) Admiral Bailey Big Belly Man / Horse Stomach 1200
12inch Super Power (SPD-16) Chuck Turner / Little Twitch Tears / Respect Due 1200
12inch Super Power (SPD-19) Crystal Dean / Higgs & Twins In My Heart / We Ah Say One 2200
12inch Super Power (SPD-20) Leroy Gibbons Cupid 1600
12inch Super Power (SPD-20) Leroy Sibbles Cupid 3200
12inch Super Power (SPD-210) Johnny P Nah Walk Truck 2400
12inch Super Power (SPD-221) Barrington Levy True Experience 1200
12inch Super Power (SPD-230) Echo Minott Been Around The World 1400
12inch Super Power (SPD-231) Admiral Bailey / Tullo T Girl Your Body Good / Mampie Style 1600
12inch Super Power (SPD-38) Chaka Demus Them Can't Stop Me 1400
12inch Super Power (SPD-4) King Everal Tonight Your Mine / If You Want Good 1500
12inch Super Power (SPD-40) Chaka Demus / Shabba Ranks Original Kuff / Cool It Off 3500
12inch Super Power (SPD-43) Al Campbell / Tiger You Bring Me Joy / Dam Thing 1500
12inch Super Power (SPD-48) Sugar Minott / Papa San Get Up And Dance / Sixpence 1000
12inch Super Power (SPD-5) Tappa Lee & Rappa Robert Post Man At Your Gate / Star Appeal 2500
12inch Super Power (SPD-9) Shabba Ranks / Dominique Original Fresh / Favor Boy George 1600
12inch Supremes Roots (SR-101) Coco Tea Wrote Me A Letter 1800
12inch Tad's (TRD-111583) Mighty Rudo Sunshine 2800
12inch Tad's (TRD-111585) Dennis Brown Here I Come 2500
12inch Tad's (TRD-14786) Dennis Brown Any Way You Want It 2000
12inch Tad's (TRD-51684) Sugar Minott Dance Hall We Deh 1500
12inch Tad's (TRD-8754) Sugar Minott Level Vibes 1400
12inch Tan Yah (TY-081) Terry Ganzie / Buccaneer Fly Away Home / Poppy Show 1400
12inch Taxi Sugar Minott / Robbie Lyn, Sly & Robbie Devil Pickney / Water Red 1200
12inch Taxi (DSR-4050) Carlton Livingston Trodding Through The Jungle 2600
12inch Taxi (JJ-180) Sugar Minott Rub-A-Dub 1400
12inch Taxi (JJ-230) Dennis Brown Revolution Pt.2 1600
12inch Taxi (TAXI-016) Carlton Livingston / Sly & Robbie Those Tricks / Taxi Connection 1800
12inch Taxi (VPRD-5079) Garnett Silk Greenling (Green Line) 1600
12inch Taxi (VPRD-6080) Taxi Gang The Good The Bad & The Ugly 2400
12inch Techniques Frankie Paul & Little Richie You Must Be Getting Out Of Your Mind 1800
12inch Techniques Wayne Wonder & Nardo Rankin Sound Boy Wah Happen To You 1600
12inch Techniques Wayne Wonder & Nardo Rankin Sound Boy Wah Happen To You 1400
12inch Techniques (WRT-02) Super Cat Boops / Cry For The Youth 1500
12inch Techniques (WRT-54) Super Beagle & Reggie Stepper Whinning Skill 1600
12inch Techniques (WRT-58) Nardo Rankin Skin Out 1400
12inch Techniques (WRT-61) Tiger & Gregory Isaacs She Give Me Hic-Up 1600
12inch Techniques (WRT-61) Tiger & Gregory Isaacs You Give Me Hic Up 1800
12inch Techniques (WRT-76) Frankie Paul Addicted To Your Love 1000
12inch Thunder Bolt (DSR-4865) Midnight Riders / Steve Knight Illegal Gun / Rodeo 6800
12inch Thunder Bolt (YS-19) John Holt & Dennis Brown Wild Fire 2000
12inch Time One (ATR-022) Barrington Levy She's Mine 1500
12inch Time One (TR-0016) Leroy Smart / Barry Brown Money Is Comfort / If I Give My Love 2800
12inch Time One (TR-0020) Barrington Levy Struggler / Moonlight Lover 2000
12inch Time One (TRO-05) Barrington Levy Under Me Sensie 3500
12inch Time One (TRO-23) s No Money No Run 1000
12inch Time (TR-008) Frankie Paul Ride The Rythem 2400
12inch Top Rank (TR-001) Johnny Osbourne One Rub-A-Dub For The Road 1400
12inch Top Rank (VPTRR-014) Johnny Osbourne / Dean Fraser Get Cracking / Square From Cuba 2000
12inch Top Rank (VPTRR-027) Tony Tuff Jam It Again 1800
12inch Tower (T-002) Triston Palmer / Peter Metro Dance Hall Style / Ital Dance 1800
12inch Traffic Jam (TF-003) Courtney Melody Modern Girl 1600
12inch Triff (TPC-0002) Tony Tuff & Jr. Demus / Jr. Demus Nah Rush It / Easy Does It 1500
12inch Trump Jack (TJP-07) Gregory Isaacs Your Divine 1200
12inch TSOJ Lovindeer & Judy Bell / Lovindeer The Killer Slam / Girls Liberation 1200
12inch Tuff Gong (TG-1985) Rita Marley One Draw / The Beauty Of God's Plan 2000
12inch Twin Explosion (TE-102) Nitty Gritty Loving Feeling 2000
12inch Two Friends (SIR-006) Brian & Tony Gold, Tuffest Dreaming 1400
12inch Two Friends (SIR-007) Shabba Ranks Hafi Kill Me Dead 2400
12inch Two Friends (SIR-036) Leroy Gibbons Hold It Down 2000
12inch TYad's (TRD-31384) Johnny Osbourne Bring Your Daughter 1800
12inch UK Bubblers / Greensleeves (TIPPA-T-2) Tippa Irie Complain Neighbour / Lyric maker 2000
12inch Ultra Sonic (ULT-003) Mikey Jarrett / Carlton Livingston 84 / Your Loving 2400
12inch Unity (FEA-016) Robert Lee & Bunny General / Pad Anthony Midnight Hour / Bigger Boss 2400
12inch Unity Sounds (UN-011) Don Angelo Reggae Music We Want / Petty Robber 1800
12inch Unity (UN-001/006) Deman Rockers / Johnny Osbourne Iron Lady / Put It By Number One 3800
12inch Unity (UN-003) Johnny Osbourne / Leroy Smart The Original Rewind / Back Off 2000
12inch Unity (UN-009) Nitty Gritty / Errol Bellot Sweet Reggae Music / Natural Touch 2400
12inch Unity (UN-013) Mr Lee This Girl Is My Lover / Miss Mavis 3500
12inch Unity (UN-018) Kenny Knots / Errol Bellut Watch How The People Dancing / A Weh Do She 3800
12inch Unity (UN-020) Echo Minott / King Kong / Admiral Bailey & Chaka Demus What The Hell / Don't Touch My Boops / One Scotch 1800
12inch Unity (UN-022) Kenny Knots / Mickey Murka Ring Up My Number / We Try 3500
12inch Unity (UN-022) Kenny Knots / Mickey Murka Ring Up My Number / We Try 3500
12inch Unity (UN-023) Peter Bouncer Ready For The Dancehall Tonight / Don't Test 3000
12inch Unity (UN-028) Selah Collins Juggling / Pick A Sound 5800
12inch Unity (UN-DIS-001) Gregory Isaacs No Good Girl 2800
12inch Unlimited Sounds (BR-010) Bucky Rogers & Wayne Smith God Heart Man 1400
12inch Up Tempo (UT-012) Tenor Saw Golden Hen 2000
12inch Veirman (VM-013) Gringo Ranking Glatlin 1200
12inch Virgin (SPRO-38529) Shaggy Why You Treat Me So Bad / The Train Is Coming 2000
12inch Volcano (VPRD-172) Frankie Paul Worries In The Dance 1800
12inch Volcano (VPRD-173) Frankie Paul Kushungpeng 1800
12inch Wackie's (Wackie-8003) Santa Ranking Ruff Neck Chicken 2000
12inch Wackie's (Wackie-NJ-21) Sugar Minott Jehovah 1800
12inch Wackie's (Wackie-NJ-22) Sugar Minott Doing The Dub 1500
12inch Wackie's (Wackies-9004) Fancy General True Love / Better To Sat Two Prayer 1800
12inch Waterhouse (FH-017) Johnny Clarke / John Wayne Give Me Your Love / Turnround No 2000
12inch Waterhouse (PM-028) Al Campbell / Lilly Melody A We Rule / Sandra 1800
12inch Waterhouse (WH-001) Singing Melody She Waa Tie Me / Words Get In The Way 2400
12inch What's Up Doc (WUD-004) Carlton Livingston / Santa Ranks When I'm Hot / The Ritz 2000
12inch What's Up Doc (WUD-007) Sammy Dread / Mikey Jarrett Metal Detector / Security For Sureity 2000
12inch What's Up Doc (WUD-009) Mikey Jarrett / Horace Andy Five On The Black Hand Side / Sweet Pea 2000
12inch Wild Apache (WA-005) Sluggy Sound Boy 1600
12inch Wild Apache (WA-024) Super Cat Dan Dadda 2400
12inch Wild Apache (WA-061) Super Cat / Delton Screechie Vinyard Party / Midnight Cowboy 2000
12inch Wild Apache (WA-15) Super Cat / Colonel Wayne Nuff Man A Dead / Cuminya 2000
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-003) Super Cat & Nicodemus I & I Perrogative 2500
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-013) Frankie Paul Dangerous 1200
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-016) Apachie Scratchy / Michael Fabulous Father & Son / Run Them 1400
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-019) Trevor Sparks / Robert Dangerfield Twilight Time / Buddy Love 1600
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-024) Super Cat Don Dadda (Jamaica Mix) / (New York Mix) 3800
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-025) Wayne Fire / Nardo Ranks Them No Bow / Go Back So 2800
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-026) Nut Head / Selvin Wonder Jail House / Get Bada 1600
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-049) Terro Ganzie / Selvin Wonder Nuf Reward / Answer Them 1200
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-054) Jack Radix / Oneal Shine Sugar My Sweets / I Want To Love You 1000
12inch Wild Apache (WAD-058) Frankie Paul / Peter Drogon Dancehall Run Hat / Founder Fi Pum Pum 1800
12inch Witty (AR-001) Junior Mervin Funny Feelings 1600
12inch Witty (AR-001) Junior Wilson Funny Feelings 1000
12inch Witty (CM-001) Tony Tuff Dance Dance 1800
12inch Witty (DSR-3740/3741) Yellowman Lovers Take Over / Well Colour Full 1600
12inch Witty (GA-003) Papa Toyan Kill Them With It 1000
12inch Witty (LL-012) Conrad Crystal Sweetie / Ignorance 1200
12inch Witty (MM-002) Earle Cunningham Let Me Have Your Name & Number 2000
12inch Witty (MM-016) Echo Minott Fat Millie 2400
12inch Witty (MM-022) Frankie Paul Ride The Rythem 2000
12inch Witty (MM-023) Michael Palmer Ready She No Ready 3800
12inch Witty (MM-024) Johnny Osbourne Rewind 2200
12inch Witty (MM-025) Sugar Minott / Junior Reid Wheel & Turn Me / Original Foreign Mind 2800
12inch Witty (MM-041) Lee Van Cliff Get Mi Grammy 2800
12inch Witty (MM-043) Shelly Thunder / Junior Wilson Shock Me A Shock / Love Pain 2000
12inch Witty (MM-044) Junior Wilson ~ Charlie Chaplin I've Got The Feeling ~ Poor Man Feet 1400
12inch Witty (MM-045) Little John Do Mama 4500
12inch Witty (MM-050) Sugar Minott Run Come 1800
12inch Witty (MM-052) Shelly Thunder 85 Vission 3800
12inch Witty (MM-053) Peter Metro / Junior Wilson Green Card / West Bound Train 1500
12inch Witty (MM-054) Tenor Saw No Work On Sunday 1800
12inch Witty (MM-056) Tenor Saw I Just Love My Woman 1800
12inch Witty (MM-067) Peter Metro Ribibibung Skeng 1000
12inch Witty (MM-071) Peter Metro Boops 1800
12inch Witty (MM-073) Johnny Osbourne Cork The Party 1200
12inch Witty (MM-081) Sugar Minott / Junior Delgado Seven Time Rise & Fall / Twice Nice 2000
12inch Witty (MM-082) Little John / Conrad Crystal Real Loving / True Love 1500
12inch Witty (MM-084) Ashanti Waugh / Tippa Lee & Rapper Robert Hot De Dance Get Hot / Come In A Dance 400
12inch Witty (MM-086) Tonto Irie / Junior Wilson Car Man Style / Cassandra 1200
12inch Witty (MM-096) Robert Ffrench Heat In The Place / Keep Them Dancing 2800
12inch Witty (MM-107) Pad Anthony Turn Me Loose 4800
12inch Witty (MM-112) Robert Ffrench Feeling Hot 1200
12inch Witty (MM-122) Knight Rider Bad Boy Stepping 1800
12inch Witty (MM-124) Barrington Spence / Lloydy Stiff Chatty Mouth Bush Master / Must Get It 1200
12inch Witty (MM-125) Lt. Stitchie / U-U-Madoo Natty Dread / Teenager In Love 1600
12inch Witty (MM-141) Shelly Thunder Man A Rush Me 1600
12inch Witty (MM-147) Nitty Gritty We Run Things 1400
12inch Witty (MM-150) Robert French / Original Prince Junior Too Young / I Don't Want To Go 1000
12inch Witty (MM-158) Little John / Knight Rider Pretty Gal / Bad Boy Wadat 2000
12inch Witty (MM-166) Trevor Sparks / Trevor Sparks & Little Twitch Devoted To You / Count On You 1800
12inch Witty (MM-167) Leroy Smart / Wayne Smith I'm Worried / Baby Come Back 1500
12inch Witty (MUMD-1) Barrington Levy Teach The Youth 3000
12inch WKS (VPRD-248) Junior Bramer & Wayne Wade My Heart Is Gone (Medley) 1000
12inch WLN (03) Michael Prophet Rock Me Baby / Don't Throw Stone 2000
12inch Work (42 77679) Diana King Shy Guy 2000
12inch World Enterprise (SLD-04) King Kong Glamour Boy In My Life / Come Right In 1800
12inch World Enterprise (WED-89) Alton Ellis Soul Medley
12inch World Enterprize (WENDIS-3029) Leroy Gibbons Missing You 2000
12inch Y&D (YDD-0132) Frighty & Colonel Might Life (Is What You Make It) / Feel So Good 2400
12inch Y&D (YDD-0137) Errol Bellot & The Off Beat Posse Chatterbox 3500
12inch Y&D (YDD-0140) Little Clarkie & The Off Beat Posse Neatly / Bad Boy Sound 6800
12inch Yammie Music (YM-011) Bruce Lee & Lideay Dibi Dibi Girl 2000
12inch Youth Promotion (YPUS-4683) Sugar Minott Poor Man Pickney 1500
12inch Yvonne's Special (TS-014) Dennis Brown / Toyan My Love / A Do It Sweet 3800
LP Atlantic (ST-A-897452-SP) Lietenant Stitchie The Governor 1500
LP Barry U. (BULP-02) Little Kirk & Trever Sparks Youth And Youth 2800
LP Big Ship (BI-016) Various Freddie McGregor presents Best of Big Ship *1 1500
LP Big Ship (BSLP-3) Luciano Shake It Up Tonight 2000
LP Black Scorpio Pinchers & Pliers Pinchers With Pliers 1200
LP Black Scorpio (7596/7597) General Tree Negril 2400
LP Black Scorpio (BSCLP-004) Little John Worries & Trouble 2400
LP Black Scorpio (DSR-4096/4097) Dennis Brown Friends For Life 2000
LP Blue Mountain (BMLP-023) Frankie Paul Reaching Out 1800
LP Blue Mountain (BMLP-027) Various 14 Bites Of Bun & Cheese 1500
LP Blue Mountain (BTRLP-002) Pinchers Can't Take The Pressure 2400
LP Blue Trac (BTRLP-006) Trevor Sparks Sparks 1500
LP Blue Trac (DSR-9729/9730) Tiger Touch Is A Move 1500
LP Blunt (TVT-6440-1) Scare Dem Crew Scared From Crypt 1200
LP Bushays (BFM-LP108) Various Sun Power vol.1 1200
LP C&E (CED-110) Michael Prophet Loving You 1800
LP Charm (CRLP-3) Sanchez In Fine Style 1200
LP Charm (CRLP-36) Luciano Don't Get Crazy 1500
LP CMI Winchester & Power Positive Band Tornado 4800
LP Cohiba (162 221 100-1) Junior Reid Long Road 1500
LP Crat Productions (CRAT-22) Major Mackerel Nuh Run Dun Man 2500
LP Crat Productions (LP-0002) Chuck Turner Them Trying To Conquer I 3000
LP Creation (CRLP-001) Colour Man Kick Up Rumpus 3000
LP Cultural Gifts (MIKE-232) Michael Livingston Plain Truth 1500
LP Dennis Star (RMM-1553) Sanchez, Courtney Melody & Mikey Melody The Good The Bad The Ugly 3000
LP Digital-B (VPRL-1048) Johnny Osbourne Rougher Than Them 1800
LP Digital-B (VPRL-1077) Pad Anthony Can't Hold Me 2000
LP Elektra (60802-1) Shinehead Unity 2400
LP Empire (JJ-192) Various Hypocrite In The Dancehall Style 2000
LP Esoldun (LG-1003) Dillinger Say No To Drugs 1200
LP Fashion (FAD-LP-026) Various Heat 1000
LP Germain (DGLP-009) Various Dance Hall Masters Vol.2 1800
LP Germain (GLP-003) Various Dance Hall Master 1200
LP Germain (PHLP-2063) Various Vibrations 2000
LP Germain (VPRL-1069) Wayne Wonder & Sanchez Wayne Wonder & Sanchez 2000
LP Glory Gold (GG-004) Frankie Paul Love Line 1500
LP Gold Disc (VPRL-1133) Gregory Isaacs No Intension 1500
LP Greensleeves (GREL-117) Various Music Works Showcase 88 1800
LP Greensleeves (GREL-164) Home T., Cocoa Tea & Cutty Ranks Another One For The Road 2400
LP Greensleeves (GREL-165) Frankie Paul Every Nigger Is A Star 1200
LP Greensleeves (GREL-172) Shabba Ranks Mr. Maximum 1800
LP Greensleeves (GREL-173) Chaka Demus & Pliers Gal Wine Wine Wine 500
LP Greensleeves (GREL-174) Cocoa Tea Kingston Hot 1800
LP Greensleeves (GREL-189) Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown & Cocoa Tea Legit 2000
LP Greensleeves (GREL-197) Freddie McGregor Carry Go Bring Come 2000
LP Greensleeves (GREL-246) Red Rat Oh No...It's Red Rat 2000
LP Greensleeves (GRELD-3001) Various Ragga Jungle Anthems Vol.1 3000
LP Gussie P (GPLP-006) Various Slow Punany 2400
LP Harry J (DSR-6440/6441) Lyrical Market Session 2800
LP Ital International (IILP-001) Various Ital International presents Various Artists Vol.1 3800
LP Jamaazima (JLP-002) U.U. Maddoo Teenager In Love 2400
LP Jammy$ (1878/1879) Admiral Bailey Undisputed 1200
LP Jammy$ (DSR-5180/5267) Various Sleng Teng Extravaganza - 1985 Master Mega Hits volume 2 1800
LP Jammy$ (DSR-6035/6036) King Kong & Nitty Gritty Musical Confrontation 2000
LP Jammy$ (DSR-6076/6077) Various Stalag 17 Super Version Excursion 1800
LP Jammy$ (DSR-6187/6188) Johnny Osbourne Rub-A-Dub Soldier 2800
LP Jammy$ (DSR-7003) Home T No Time To Waste 2000
LP Jammy$ (DSR-8011/8012) King Kong Trouble Again 2800
LP Jammy$ (DSR-8594/8457) Various Double Twin Spin Vol.1 1500
LP Jammy$ (GREL-93) Nitty Gritty Turbo Charged 2800
LP Jammy$ (J-003) Various Sleng Teng Extravaganza - 1985 Master Mega Hits 1800
LP Jammy$ (J-008) Dominick Ready For Dominick 2400
LP Jammy$ (JAMLP-10) Coco Tea I Am The Toughest 1200
LP Jammy$ (JMFLP-001) Various Mad Dem Wid It Carolina!!! 1000
LP Jammy$ (VPRL-1055) Frankie Paul Live And Love 1500
LP Jammys$ (DSR-8013/8014) Josie Wales Ha Fi Say So 2000
LP JR Productions (JRLP-001) Junior Reid One Blood 2400
LP King Culture Various Revenge Of The General 2400
LP Live & Learn (LLLP-031) Beres Hammond & Barrington Levy Live & Learn presents Beres Hammond & Barrington Levy 1800
LP Live & Love (LALP-003) Little John Clarks Booty 2000
LP Live & Love (LALP-005) Various Five The Hard Way - DJ Clash '86 2500
LP Live & Love (LALP-010) King Kong Legal We Legal 3000
LP Live & Love (LALP-13) Pinchers Got To Be Me 2000
LP Live & Love (LALP-13) Pinchers Got To Be Me 2000
LP Live & Love (LALP-19) Admiral Bailey Think Me Did Done 2000
LP Mad House / Xtra Large Productions (MHXLLP-2038) Various 2 Bad Riddims 1200
LP Mango (ILPS-9893) Dominick Ready For Dominick 1500
LP MCA (11131) C.J. Lewis Dollars 2000
LP Mixing Lab (MLLP-002) Thriller U On And On 1200
LP Mixing Lab (MLLP-003) Various Mixing Lab Showcase Vol.2 1500
LP Moodies (M.R.LP.1004) Frankie Paul Give Me That Feeling 1200
LP Music Of Life (ASHER-1) Asher D & Daddy Freddy Ragamuffin Hip-Hop 3800
LP Pantomine (LP-56810) Various Green Bay Killing 3500
LP Parish (DSR-7789/7790) Various Parish Various Artistes Volume 2 3800
LP Park Heights (PH-0013) Sluggy Settle Sluggy 2800
LP Penthouse (PHLP-11991) Various Good Fellas 1800
LP Penthouse (PHLP-14) Beres Hammond A Love Affair 1500
LP Penthouse (PHLP-2001) Various Penthouse Dance Hall Hits Vol.1 1200
LP Penthouse (PHLP-2004) Various Penthouse Dancehall Hits Vol.4 1200
LP Penthouse (VPRL-1095) Wayne Wonder & Sanchez Wayne Wonder & Sanchez 2000
LP Penthouse (VPRL-1153) Cutty Ranks & Tony Rebel Die Hard Part.1 2200
LP Photographer (DSR-9351-9352) Various All Star LP - In A Dance Hall 1500
LP Pick Out (DSR-2794) Courtney Melody I Remember Showcase 1500
LP Posh P.P. (P.P.-9103) Little Robert Expensive & Dear 4500
LP Powerhouse (DSR-6630) Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty Powerhouse presents Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty 3800
LP Powerhouse (DSR-8618/8619) Various Mission Impossible 1500
LP Powerhouse (DSR-9688) Domionick Domionick 2400
LP Profile (PRO-1423) Barrington Levy Turning Point 1200
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3021) Tiger Me Name Tiger 2000
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3024) U-Roy Music Addict 2400
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3027) Frankie Paul Warning 1500
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3039) Prince Jazzbo & I Roy Head To Head Clash 1500
LP Real Authentic Sound (RAS-3209) Various All That Jazzbo 2000
LP Real Music (RMRL-2288) Anthony Malvo The Best Of 80's & 90's 1200
LP Redman (RED-LP-13) Various Rough Mean Irie - Redman Super Power Vol.1 1800
LP Redman (VPRL-1034) Frankie Paul Slow Down 2000
LP Rohit (RRTG-7702) General Trees Ragga Ragga Raggamuffin 1500
LP Rohit (RRTG-7774) Frankie Paul Detrimental 2400
LP Rookie (RPLP-2023) Various Rookie Production presents The Mad Professor 1000
LP Sky High Tenor Saw Tenor Saw lives On 3800
LP Sky High (0014) Various Sky High & The Mau Mau presents D.J. Jam 1200
LP Sky High (DSR-9014) Sky High & The Mau Mau (Various) African Vengeance 4800
LP Sky High (SHR-LP-1015) Luciano Don't Get Crazy 1800
LP Sonic Sounds (DSR-5885/5886) Various Ride The Rhythm 2800
LP Star Trail Everton Blender Lift Up Your Head 1400
LP Star Trail (STLP-007) Various Fly De Gate 1500
LP Steely & Clevie (VPRL-1180) Frankie Paul The Veteran 1200
LP Super Power (SPL-101) Various Super Power Pt.1 1000
LP Super Power (SPL-112) Various Kutchie Meets The Penetentiary 1800
LP Super Power (SPLP-16) Various Super Star Hit Parade vol.7 1500
LP Super Supreme (SUPLP-1) Frankie Paul & Pinchers Turbo Charge 1200
LP Tamla (314530820-1) Coco Tea Holy Mount Zion 1800
LP Tan Yah (TY-LP-002) Various Hot This Year 800
LP Tappa (TZLP-002) Tappa Zukie Raggamuffin 2400
LP Taxi (TAX-0160) Sly & Robbie & The Taxi Gang Mambo Taxi 2400
LP Techniques Various DJ Explosion Ina Dance Hall Style 1800
LP Techniques (TQLP-001) Various Super Fresh 800
LP Techniques (WRLP-23) Various Equal Rights 2200
LP Techniques (WRLP-28) Various Original Stalag 20 1800
LP Thunder Bolt Frankie Paul Ripe Mango 1000
LP Time One (TOR-LP-05) Barrington Levy Love The Life You Live 2000
LP Time One (TOR-LP-09) Barrington Levy Divine 2800
LP Trusted (DSR-6153/6154) Baakoonah Ain't Gonna Give It Up 2500
LP Vena (DSR-8608/8609) Pinchers Lift It Up Again 2000
LP Virgin (7243 8 40158 1 7) Shaggy Boombastic 1200
LP Vista Sounds (VSLP-2003) Various Shank I Sheck Vol.1 2800
LP VP (1554-1) Shinehead Praises 1800
LP VP (VP-1198) Frankie Paul Jammin' 3000
LP VP (VPRL-1168) Tiger Ready Fi Dem 1600
LP VP (VPRL-1232) Hopeton Lindo The Word 2000
LP VP (VPRL-1271) Leroy Smart Talk Bout Friends 1200
LP VP (VPRL-1275) Big Ship Classic Dub 1500
LP VP (VPRL-1280) Various Untouchables 1200
LP VP (VPRL-1306) Pinchers Dirt Low 1200
LP VP (VPRL-1374) Freddie McGregor Push On 1500
LP VP (VPRL-1387) Charlie Chaplin & Josie Wales Kings Of The Dancehall 1200
LP VP (VPRL-1483) Sanchez One In A Million - The Best of Sanchez 1200
LP VP (VPRL-1490) Various Strictly The Best vol.18 1000
LP VP (VPRL-1513) Beenie Man Many Moods Of Moses 1200
LP VP (VPRL-1624) Beres Hamoond Music Is Life 2000
LP VP (VPRL-1641) Bounty Killer Ghetto Dictionary : The Art Of War 1200
LP Wackie's (W-2732) Santa Ranking Ruff Neck Chicken 2800
LP Waterhouse (FMM-772/793) Various Computer Seh So 3500
LP Wild Apache (VPRL-1148) Various Wild Apache Two Rhythm LP Vol.2 1200
LP Witty (DSR-5488/5489) Tony Tuff Ketch A Fire 3500
LP Witty (MMLP-0014) Nitty Gritty Nitty Gritty 2400
LP Witty (MMLP-0015) Ninjaman Superstar 1500
LP Witty (MMLP-0018) Junior Wilson Willow 2000
LP World Enterprise (WENLP-3017) King Kong Dance Hall Session 4800
LP World Enterprise (WENLP-3020) Various Dance Hall Vibes Vol.2 1500
LP Xtra Large Productions (VPXLRL-3109) Various Showtime Bashment 1600