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Type Label Artist Title 販売価格
LP Antillana (ALPS-1014) Lord Funny Have Fun With Funny 2580
LP Arc Sounds / Ciation Series (ACS-5019) Esso Trinidad Steel Band Encore!
LP Arc Sounds / Ciation Series (ACS-5026) Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band Calypso 1890
LP Calypan (010) Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orch. Steel Vibrations 1680
LP Calypan (010) Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orch. Steel Vibrations 1680
LP Caravan (FP-1001) George Roger, Sydney Bean & Stan Seymour Bermuda Holiday Island Cruise 2625
LP Carib (2015-S) Roy Shurland & Big Bamboo Orchestra Big Bamboo 2480
LP Carib (2030) Count Bernadino Calypso Capers 2940
LP Carib (LP-2017) King Eric & His Knights Calypso Encores 2480
LP Carib (LP-2019) Guy Durosier Been Travellin' 2480
LP Charlie's (CRKN-01) Scrunter Music From A Champion 1880
LP Charlie's (JAF-1005) Sparrow (Mighty Sparrow) Sweeter Than Ever 1980
LP Cook (1042) Brute Force Steel Band The Brute Force Steel Band Of Antigua, B.W.I. 2580
LP Coxsone (CSL-8020) Hyltonaires Big Bamboo 3280
LP Decca (LK-4102) Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra Ros Album Of Calypsos 7140
LP Dynamic (SOUL-BLP-011) Byron Lee & The Dragonaires Top Of The Ladder 2480
LP Dynamic Sounds (DY-3318) Lord Creator Big Bamboo 1880
LP Edmar (ELPS-1053) Merrymen Beautiful Bermuda 2100
LP Esso (SO-001) Various Tiger Goes Calypso 4280
LP Federal (ATCO-SD-33-182) Byron Lee Jump Up 4880
LP Federal (F-210) Count Owen Rock Steady Calypso 4880
LP Golden Tone (C4066) Herb Jeffries Devil Is A Woman 1580
LP Hildrina (CO-3183) West Indian Tobacco Desperadoes The Best Of Despers 1980
LP Honest Jon's (HJRLP-16) Various London Is The Place For Me 2 - Calypso, Kwela, Highlife & Jazz 3339
LP Imperial (LP-12321) Tom Tedesco Calypso Soul 1890
LP Kalypso (1031) Keith Stewart Yellow Bird 2880
LP Kentone (LP-110-A) Count Owen Skalipso 12800
LP Mace (MXX-10016) Mighty Sparrow & more Caribbean Carnival 2580
LP Mercury (MG-20297) Lord Christo Authentic Calypso 2880
LP Merry Disc (MM-005) Merrymen feat. Emile Straker Just For You! 2480
LP Monogram (12-852) Various Meet Me In Jamaica 2880
LP Musirama Remington (R-199-216) King Caribe & His Steel Bandits Calypso 2520
LP National (NLP-8420) Mighty Sparrow Birdie - The Calypso Genius 3480
LP Palace (PST-730) Lord Jayson & His Limbo Gang Limbo 1880
LP Philips (PHM-200-015) Heartsille Benjamin's Virgin Island Steel Band Heartsille Benjamin's Virgin Island Steel Band 2100
LP Philips (PHM-200-015) Heartsille Benjamin's Virgin Island Steel Band Heartsille Benjamin's Virgin Island Steel Band 2100
LP Port-O-Jam / Wirl (1027) Hiltonaires Ska-Motion In Ska-Lip-So 3580
LP Ra (1005) Mighty Sparrow Spicy Sparrow 3480
LP Ra (2020) Mighty Sparrow More Sparrow More!! 2580
LP Ra (2121) Mighty Sparrow Calypso Time 3580
LP Ra (5050) Mighty Sparrow Calypso Maestro 2580
LP Ra (8070) Mighty Sparrow Sparrow At The Hilton - '67 Carnival Hits... 2880
LP RCA Victor (LPE-1248) Harry Belafonte Calypso 1880
LP RCA Victor (LPM-1505) Harry Belafonte Belafonte Sings Of The Caribbean 1580
LP RCA Victor (LPM-1514) Richie Delamore The Goombay Kings 3150
LP RCA Victor (LPS-3009) Panam North Stars Steel Orch. Panam North Stars 2480
LP RCA Victor (RD-27249) Mighty Sparrow The Calypso King of Trinidad 4880
LP Roulette (R-25001) Playmates Calypso With The Playmates 2980
LP Rumble (RUM-2011033) Mighty Sparrow King Sparrow's Calypso Carnival 2880
LP Scott (S-10) Count Of Monte Cristo & Lord Wilson Calypso! 4200
LP Soul (BLP-005) Byron Lee & The Dragonaires The Sound Of Jamaica 2580
LP Soul (BLP-008) Byron Lee & The Dragonaires First Class With Lee 2980
LP Tiger (D-19) Calypso Joe Calypso Joe 2480
LP Total Sounds / Penny (PR-125) Tradewinds Sexy Lady 2480
LP Trinidad (CR-145) Lord Kitchener The Master At Work 2180
LP Trojan (TRLS-260) Various Dance Crasher 2580
LP Tropico (TSI-2005) Various More Texaco On Steel 3675
LP Vox (VX-25.420) Vincent Martin, Guy Durosier & Various Caribbean Calypsongs 2880
LP Wirl (001) Byron Lee & The Dragonaires Firefly Jump-Up 4725
LP Wirl (LP-1907) Mighty Sparrow The Sparrow Show At The Sheraton-Kingston Jamaica 5880
LP Wirl (WL-1045) Jamaica's Archie Lewis The Voice Of Love 2580
LP Wirl (WL-1046) Various Rock Steady Beat - Jamaica's New Dance Craze 2880
LP Wirl (WL-1052) Hiltonaires Hold 'im, Joe 4280
LP Wirl / Caravan (MMS-1020) Merrymen feat. Emile Straker The More The Merrier 2520
LP Z.W. Disc (FCD-7924) Lord Antics & The Merry Boys Calypsoes Too Hot To Handle 4880
CD A Rituals Production Pamberi Steel Orchestra Classic In Steel 2625
CD Abraham (SS1080-4) Various Bravo! Steelband Music Festival 2625
CD Commodo (CMCDBJ-001) Downbeat Uprising Selection Volume 1 - Kalypso Mento 2500
CD Cook (1180) Various Dance Calypso! 2940
CD Cook (906) Lord Melody Lord Melody Sings Calypso 2940
CD Cook (914) Lord Melody Again! Lord Melody Sings Calypso 2940
CD Cook (SFW-CD-40453) Various Calypso Awakening - from the Emory Cook Collection 1956-1962 2940
CD Ice (691402) Mighty Sparrow Mighty Sparrow Vol.2 2625
CD Ice (691402) Mighty Sparrow Mighty Sparrow Vol.3 2625
CD Ice (691502) Mighty Sparrow Mighty Sparrow Vol.4 2625
CD Ice (691702) Mighty Sparrow & Lord Kitchener 16 Carnival Hits 2625
CD JBS (JBS-011) Syl Dopson & His Merry Boys Kaiso 2940
CD Pressure Sounds (BRPS-051) Various Take Me To Jamaica 2205
CD Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (SFW-CD-40454) Lord Invader Calypso In New York from the Asch Recordings 1946-1961 2940
7inch Antillana (CX-155) Lord Funny Soul Chick / Florie 1880
7inch Arrow (0096) Mighty Arrow Keep On Jamming / Monique 1575
7inch Camille (C-162) Ellie Matt & G.I. Brass Shake Your Booty 1050
7inch Caravan (REC-4502) Merrymen In The Caribbean / Garret Bounce 1575
7inch Charlie's (CLO-344) Rajah Ah Love Them Pt.1 / Pt.2 1029
7inch Charlie's (CR-536) Mighty Duke Mr. Javis / My Night To Party 1980
7inch Charlie's (TAK-016) Roy Alton Africans / Land Of Happiness 1050
7inch CLO (CLO-444) Calypso Rose Her Majesty / Come Leh We Jam 1980
7inch Compass (C-7-002) King Fighter Lolo / Sweet Banan 2880
7inch Cook (31872) Cyril X. Diaz & His Orchestra Tabu / Limbo 6800
7inch Cook (CC-5912) Kentrick Patrick & FVBryan Orch. Evening News / Hold Up Your Head And Smile 9800
7inch Creative Calypso (45-0-9536-1001-A/9537-1001-B) Lord Creator Independent Jamaica Calypso / Remember Ma & Pa 4800
7inch Creative Calypso (FRA-2048/2049) Lord Creator Independent Jamaica Calypso / Remember Ma & Pa 4800
7inch Doctor Bird (DB-1002) Derrick Harriott / Audrey Williams Combo John Tom / Solas Market 2400
7inch Downbeat (DB-001) Monty Reynolds / Lord Fly Long Time Girl / Blu-Lu-Up 840
7inch Downbeat (DB-002) Lord Power / Hubert Porter Penny Reel / Miss Goosy 840
7inch Downbeat (DB-003) Lord Composer / Lord Messam Hill & Gully / Linsted Market 840
7inch Dutchess (DR-1530-2/1531-2) Count Lasher Jump Independently / Hooligans 5800
7inch Explosion (HD-002) Caribbean Torpedos What's Right From Wrong / Cheerio My Darling 840
7inch Flatmonk (FB-001) Flatbush Poor Man Son / Ugly Policeman 1050
7inch Gay Feet (WIRL-SEP-3938-3/FSP-7188) Patsy / Al & The Vibrators Fire In Your Wire / Move Up Calypso 3800
7inch Go Calypso Go (AJ-GO.006) Count Zebra Bedbug / Cat-O-Nine 2800
7inch Herbal (HR-112) Calypso Franco Train The Youths / Keep The Peace 1580
7inch Herbal (HR-113) Kaiso Joe A Nation To Build / Free Up Yourself 1580
7inch Hildrina (H-001) Mighty Explainer Mr. African / Waist In Your Waist 1260
7inch Integris (I-113) Mighty Dougla Grand Wood / Oil 1680
7inch Island (WI-001) Lord Creator Independent Jamaica Calypso / Remember 3800
7inch Island Series (CX-255) Merrymen Just A Little Bit / Sidney Burnett 1575
7inch Isque Debs (HDW-014) Les Aiglons All Couyonner 2100
7inch J.N.A.C. (JN-1) Laurel Aitken West Indian Cricket Test / 3 Cheers For Worrell 3800
7inch Jump Up (JU-511) Lord Kitchener Dr. Kitch / Come Back Home Meh Boy 4000
7inch Jump Up (JU-523) Mighty Sparrow Village Ram / Bull Pistel Gang 3800
7inch Jump Up (JU-529) Young Growler Pussy Galore / Sledge Hammer 3500
7inch Kalaloo (KL-117) J. Stewart Orch. Omega Reggae / Que Sera 1050
7inch Kalypso (45/C-1008) E. Bedasse & Chin's Calypso Sextet Big Boy & Teacher / Red Tomato 2000
7inch Kalypso (45/XX-12) Count Lasher & Porter's Calypso Star Band Talking Parrot / Doctor 2400
7inch Kalypso (45/XX-13) Hepburn & Caribbean Calypso Band Gene & Dinah / Plastic Surgery 2400
7inch Kalypso (45/XX-19) Laurel Aitken & The Boogie Cats Tribute To Collie Smith / Baba Kill Me Goat 2800
7inch Kalypso (45/XX-21) Lord Laro Referendum Calypso / Wrong Impressions Of A Soldier 1980
7inch Kalypso (45/XX-24) Lord Creator Second Hand Piano / Peeping Tom 3800
7inch Kalypso (XXEP-2) Mighty Sparrow Sparrow Is A Bird / Dey Washing Deir Mouth On Me / Explorer 2400
7inch Kentone (FBL-6424-F2/6485-F2) Byron Lee & The Dragonaires River Bank Jump Up / More 3500
7inch Mata Hari (MH 143-1 02) Mighty Sparrow Peace & Love / Only A Fool 2180
7inch Melotone (FTM-2609/2700) Count Lasher Lasher Rides Again / Love Friction 9800
7inch Merlin (FT-101/102) Clancy Eccles Mash N' Calypso / De Bubble Bus 4800
7inch National (NSP-049) Mighty Sparrow Normam / Ned 3800
7inch National (NSP-077) Mighty Sparrow Bag Ah Sugar / Bikini Girl 2400
7inch National (NSP-079) Mighty Sparrow The Rebel / Shanty Town People 3800
7inch National (NSP-101) Lord Nelson Neighbour / Sugar 2800
7inch Pan America (PANAM-1002) Pan American Astronaut Orchestra Rip Van Winkle / I'll Be Around 1480
7inch PEP (FSP-7116/6710) Aston & Yen / Baba Brooks Skilamy / Party Time 4200
7inch Ra (808) Mighty Sparrow Bon Bamde / Revenge 1880
7inch Randy's (RPM-003) Lord Creator I'm Holding On / Big Bamboo 1880
7inch Romey's Mighty Swallow Man To Man / Save The Children 1580
7inch Semp Studios Ltd. (KHS-01) Mighty Saga Mu Mu Girl / Mr. Resign 1580
7inch Shorty (S-112) O.C. Blackman Don't Stop Dancing 1880
7inch Soul (BRA-601) Byron Lee & The Dragonaires Papa Jack / What Now My Love 2400
7inch Studio One (SO-2035) Ethiopians / Soul Vendors Leave My Business Alone / Pupa Lick 4200
7inch Studio One (Wirl-CS-1087-1/1311-1) Soul Brothers Egal OK / Green Moon 5800
7inch Telco (TW-3413) Mighty Cypher Papers / Fresh Water Yankee 1880
7inch The Jally Boys (DSR-7695/7694) Donald Davidson Take Me Back To Jamaica / Thousands Of Childred 2800
7inch Wirl (45-0-0068/0069) Lord Kitchener Love In The Cemetry / Jamaica Woman 4500
7inch Wirl (GSB-627) Draytons Two Brothers To Brothers / River Come Down 819
7inch Wirl (Harry-2/1-Harry) Mighty Sparrow Dan Is The Man / Harry & Mama 2400
7inch Wirl (WL-191) Lord Brynner Mr. Walker / Bajan Batchelors 3800
12inch P-Vine (12P-1552) Mighty Sparrow Village Ram / She's Been Too Long 2480